Last slot for Cleric Archetype

Also, since you can’t currently merge the spellbook with cleric. Sorc has the advantage of added caster levels. As, we’ve discussed on other threads, once you hit CL 25, you can make per round buffs, 24 hours with mythic feats. Also, arcane has the shield spell(useful until you get bone shield), mirror image, transformation and displacement. Making them one of the best tanks available.

In addition, the ability to use charisma as a main stat will likely play a big role if you are turned into an undead creature type at some point. Then you’re using charisma in place of your constitution stat.

??? Someone else in this very thread said you can merge Cleric with Lich. I didnt play the game yet, but can you merge these 2 spellbooks or not ?

Wasn’t able to in the alpha. I know that the devs were talking about being able to in one of the streams. But, we haven’t see that yet in alpha.

There was talk about letting half-casters like Inquisitors or Paladins merge their spellbook but it was not specified that any divine Class can now merge with an arcane Class, which in my opinion should be prohibited for the reasons I stated in this very thread.

Which leads us back to the Lich being a dedicated arcane Path, meaning no Caster Level 30 Cleric / Lich.

A Cleric could still take Lich but this comes at the cost of having to invest in Intelligence in addition to Wisdom and Charisma since spellbood were not merged, enemies regularly succeeding on their Saving Throws against both spellbooks spells as well as never being able to cast Level 10 spells with either spellbook which naturally only a full arcane Lich or a full divine Angel should be capable of.

An Inquisitor / Angel should thus have a better divine spellbook than a Cleric / Lich has although with no access to arcane spells.

Well, the advantage of merging spell books is a higher caster level. You can get CL30 which means longer duration (maybe 24h duration for rounds/level spells) and better spell penetration.

The advantage of different spell books is a bigger spell selection and more spell slots. A lich cleric and an angel sorcerer have a huge selection of both arcane and divine spells.

Classes who are not full casters will probably select a mystic path that gives buffs or summons and that improves your hit chance, damage or defense, so your casting Stat does not matter that much.
I think mystic path spells use the highest mental Stat as casting Stat (not 100% sure).

I think non merged Mythics do not use stat for casting.

I know that it showed an attribute on selecting the spellbook. And, as a Lich Sorc it was shown as charisma. Angel was wisdom though on a class that didn’t have high wisdom. Whether or not these stats were actually used for the casting, I don’t recall. So, it depended on which spellbook you chose. When you picked the combined spellbook it would come up as “Lich: Sorcerer”. The other class that I tried (Magus) didn’t have that option and just had the one “universal” spellbook to choose from.

I thought that they were supposed to use your character level + mythic level instead if you were a non-caster. But, It’s been a while.

AFAIK, Owlcat plans to indeed have the mythic spellbooks use the mythic level/rank instead to determine their caster level. This would make the alpha’s selectable caster stats basically placeholders for things to come.

Personally I am all for this change. I hated the fact that my Hagbound Trickster inside the alpha had to use Charisma for casting: very limiting indeed, considered that Charisma was actually her lowest stat.

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Sorry, yeah I ment this. In stream Owlcat devs said they plan to have Mythics spellbook not rely on Stats, only on mythic ranks, but during alpha it is not yet implemented or bugged or something.
They plan to have it this way probably since most Non-Casters(Rouge, Fighter, etc.) would not be able to cast much or anything at all under normal spellbooks rules.