Known Issues

We will try to fix all these issues - as well as critical bugs that will be found by players - in the nearest update or by Beta 2:

  • Changing armor will not update your AC shown in the character sheet. Your actual AC will change, but the numerical change is not reflected by the character sheet unless you remove your armor before putting on a different armor. This only affects some armors.
  • ALT-TAB from the game while loading any zones with ‘Exclusive Fullscreen’ selected may lead to freeze (need to restart computer session). The safest option is “Fullscreen borderless”. On the other hand “Exclusive Fullscreen” offers better performance, depending on your setup
  • Main Menu is still a placeholder
  • Spellbook dosn’t not have final art
  • Dialogue UI does not have final art
  • There are several known usability issues within CharGen functionality mostly regarding feat selection control
  • Party markers may work improperly in some situations. They point in the wrong direction
  • Some smaller locations (“Lair type”) may have problems with lighting
  • Stack split works only with Ctrl pressed - It divides the stack by half. This will be fixed in the nearest updates
  • Having active Mirror Image while loading may case the game to exit to Main Menu
  • There is a lack of proper indication of party carry (over)weight. Please, pay attention to the numbers. If you notice that you party starts moving slower - or even can’t move at all - they are overburdened.
  • There are minor visual problems wearing spears. Half-orc women are especially unlucky.
  • Character visual customization is ready as a system but there is just a bit of sample content - mostly for humans - in the game right now
  • Alignment shifts are not visualized here.
  • No enchants description in tooltips for artefacts
  • No visual difference between left-handed and right-handed characters
  • Some cloaks may ignore physics
  • Cooking recipes are not deleted from the Inventory immediately after Copying - Inventory must be re-opened.
  • Areas flicker for a second until loaded properly
  • Mac version will be available later - need a couple more days for polishing. For Mac version we will require Mac OS El Capitan, 10.11 or higher
  • Dropping rations glitches out sometimes. Workaround: hold CTRL while dragging the rations to an empty inventory slot and the stack will be split in half. Keep splitting till stack goes down to 1. Drop the 1. Repeat as necessary.
  • No visual difference between left-handed and right-handed characters

That’s an issue if I ever seen one… does any other game even allow this distinction? If there is no visual difference, is there a mechanical one? Or is it used in dialogues somewhere?

There is supposed to be a visual difference, as far as I’m aware. Right now there isn’t one, so it makes no difference whether your character is left- or right-handed.

Is anyone else having the issues where the game freezes at the first random encounter. It begins to load and then just gets stuck I havent even got to oLegs yet. I switched from fullscreen to window view and still have the same issue

Using defensive fighting, casting barkskin, shield of faith, etc. not updating AC on character sheet. Is the actual AC changing?

I encountered a strange problem I kept using the same save file and because of this, a bug occurred. Basically, my characters would act like they encumbered despite not having problem when in a party. I started using different save and this problem solved.

I have the same problem but it didn’t solve by restarting the game. I discovered that the game treated my characters just as they couldn’t use any kind of armor and so their speed was lowerd even with light armor

Glad to know someone else encountered it, even if varied.

You can hover over the opponents attack line in the dialog box in the lower right corner, and it will tell you what AC they are trying to hit.

There are several weapons missing from Fighter weapon groups. As of now, you can’t get Fighter Weapon Training in most polearm/spear type weapons, as well as some exotic weapons.

yeah, all the double weapon are missing, made a thread about it, also you might want to edit your profile to change your email adressed being your displayed names, lot of bots scan the internet trying to fish email adresse on forumes and suchs.

The “Elder Wurm” spell summons a tiny pony

Yeah, summon monster summons ponies as well right now. It’s actually quite adorable. I summon a pony, which will stand next to the nearest enemy, start to graze and the baddy will take 4 damage on occasion. I’m a ponymancer! :smiley:

In Nwn I liked to use them to set off traps with a high dc,it didnt go well with the mites sadly.

That pony self-identifies as an Elder Wurm. You shouldn’t body shame it.

And also remember to never disrespect the B’air elementals.

Spoiler warning :

Performing the operation to remove the seed inside the infected woman with Jodh leads to a room with no exit, character is stuck inside the “torture” chamber with no way out, had to load an earlier save and refuse to help Johd which made him upset.

Confirmed and being investigated right now. QA team already has a save.

I was in the surgery room and there was no exit. I clicked on everyone again and toggled in and out of the map. Waypoint was near the top of the screen.

There is no way to end an environmental spell effect early. My Tristian walked into an area webbed by my main character and he can’t break free. CMD 25 with him having only a +4 CMB/skill means waiting for the effect to wear off. 6 minutes of in game waiting. Can’t burn him out, can’t cut him out…