Kitsunes for pathfinder WotR

Hi. Just putting up a general forum for hoping to see how many would be willing to have kitsune in the game. I at least hope there will be a chance at it.


honestly the number of folks who want the rat due to warhammer is astounding… i personally like catfolk or kitsune but bad luck. rat will be it since so many wanted it.


The only way win is unite under one flag, kitsune or catfolk. We must stay against those Rat Nation.


Yea! We must win against those pests lovers!


If rats win, I will not buy this game, moreover, I will commit suicide. In any case, I will die from stomach cancer in 3 years. So I don’t care… ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Most of all I hate 3 things: rats, memes and taxes. I’m with you guys, better foxes than parasites.


I really don’t care about rats. I wanted to vote for cats, but given the circumstances I will vote for foxes.
Hey Lost_at_Dot. I thought i lost you at dot.

Stop stalking me you creep. Your so-called jokes are terrible.

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Giving up Hope is exactly what some of the Rat voters/memers want you to do. Stay strong and vote Cat or Fox.


The worst part is that the so-called memers do not care about rats, these trolls only want to spoil the mood of other players. They purposely add fuel to the fire to further split the community. At the very beginning, I wanted to vote for the catfolk, but seeing all this rat madness, I decided to vote for kitsune, those who scored the most in this unofficial Wrath Race Poll vote.


By the way, in this vote, although it is not official, the kitsune were in the lead, 47% against 38%.


We need to unite. :fist: The only way to crush them with a large army.


Kitsune would be odd without the eastern classes and items. Ratfolk on the other hand have everything they’re known for except for gunslinger. Also Ratfolk are just so much fun in the table top and most people have fond memories of that. Kitsune are always just sort of too anime.

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This is odd for you only because you think in stereotypes. Kitsune = anime and ninja. We must not rely on stereotypes. Because of this type of approach, my colleagues do not like me, they think I’m gay and hate me for it, but the problem is that I’m not gay, just a little more sensitive and try to look neat, which is a consequence of my perfectionism.


well i going to vote catfolk, and wish for the best it will succeed.

sniff sniff I smell RACIST. Jack_Mantel is right you think in stereotypes. Kitsune does not have to mean the presence of eastern vibes.


I think it pretty much a given it is year of the rat after all.

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Strange logic. In this case, next year we all vote for Ox!

Can we vote for drider as player character. They do have serious hatred for demons, considering what they have gone through. Imagine a lich drider doing a crusade against demons.

Kitsune does not have to mean the presence of eastern vibes.

Yes, yes it does. It’s right there in the name, actually. Kitsune = Japanese word for “fox”. Not like there’s anything wrong with that per say. But it’s true that all of their game mechanics and fluff reflect those of fox youkai inside Japanese folklore.

On a more serious note: I would be oblidged if folks wouldn’t call Ratfolk voters frigging nazis. Looking at you, @Jack_Mantel. Even if it were meant as a jest, that’s still bad taste. We could really do without insults like that on these forums.