Kitsune human form should not be affected by size increase spells

Since human form is a polymorph effect which is affected by master shapeshifter it should not be also affected by size increase spells as per polymorph rules:

You can only be affected by one polymorph spell at a time. In addition, other spells that change your size have no effect on you while you are under the effects of a polymorph spell.

In-game it correctly does not increase your visual size in human form but incorrectly adds size bonus from enlarge body and legendary proportions.

Size change spells stack with polymorph in the game. Been that way for a while.

Can enlarge a target them polymorph them. Primal Druid takes this to the next level.

I know its different in PnP.

Even so, that’s quite clearly an oversight, a bug that should be fixed.

Its more like a game decision…
Its not 100% core rules… As stated by the DEVs
For 100% core rules… Take a look at Solasta

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Nah, that’s a bug. If it was a game decision it would not be so wonky.

First of all stat buffs from the same type don’t stack. That’s a fundamental rule that is enforced everywhere else in the game. For no reason size bonus is an exepction? Fishy.

Second Enlarge Body in-game description specifically says it needs a humanoid body to work with yet you can polymorph into a dragon and cast it right after and it will still apply.

Third, if it was working as designed visual size of polymorphed model would increase.

Well its been an oversight since Kingmaker.

Yeah I know, I checked before writing. Plenty of bugs and oversights got ported straight from kingmaker, not surprising since the codebase is the same. Same things I reported there are still here. Maybe this time they will get fixed.

You don’t even need Kitsune.

Go an idea for a build for MC Druid and Lann.

Baiscally Zen archer 2/Primal Druid.

The idea being you use Animal Aspects (Aspect for the Falcon) to proc Master Shapeshifter then super enlarge to get a big bonus to strength and then to start dropping fully composite longbow shots with large amounts of strength buffs.

18 base strength
+4 level up
+4 Master Shape Shifter
+6 Primal Strength
+8 enhancement belt

40 strength while in human form while shooting composite bows (5 shots with Haste). Has access to Geniekind so can do some Elemental Barrage as well.

Can Wildshape to do melee in a pinch since all those strength buffs still apply.

Bit janky and rough but an idea.