Kingmaker: Monster's Hit Dice number inspection

Where do I look for monster’s Hit Dice number in-game? Inspect windows just give me Hit Points. But there’s a lot of spells/abilities that rely on Hit Dice number.

That would be their level. For instance, if it says “Outsider 14”, it means they are 14th level of “outsider” which gives them racial HD. And when it says something like “Troll 5, Barbarian 2”, they have 7 HD, 5 from being a Troll, and 2 from have 2 levels in the Barbarian class.

Thank you for the answer.

So, there is no such thing as Challenge Rating, right? Some sources say it adds to Hit Dice.

I’m not sure. I think the CR is showing on the monster info pop up, but I’m not sure. :thinking: