Kingmaker lockup

I am trying to boot up my game and it continues to stop on the screen that says Pathfinder Kingmaker. My computer(new) is up to date and so is Steam. I have about 179 hours into this game and have never had any problems. I use a Mac and a PC about equal and I’m having this problem with my PC at home right now. I have a week at home from work starting today so would really like to get this problem solved. Any questions please ask.

Guess getting angry and trying again in 3 hours did the trick! All good now.

I am having the same issue did you ever get it fixed?

I’ve done that and it’s still freezing. No mods. Worked fine literally less than 24 hrs ago. Uninstalled, reinstalled, verified all files, rebooted everything, UnityCrashHandler offers no log files (had to search around to find where they’re supposed to go.) Any other ideas?

It’s a old fix and now outdated. We gonna have to look somewhere else to fix your freezing issue…

Check if you can update your graphic card driver and restart your computer.

Any Windows update or something ‘‘odd’’ in the last 24h that you can remember?

See detailed reply in this thread:

Apologies for multiple posts. I was … deeply frustrated at not being able to play.