Kingmaker Collector's Edition

Good evening all,

Apologies for posting this here. I have not received my backer Premium Collectors Edition with additional Companion Mini-Figure. Could someone please contact me regarding this? Many thanks for your time.

You might want to give nudge for people like @Mortheim here. If you can send him PM where is your kickstart e-mail (e-mail you are registered to kickstart) and Backer number (go to your kickstart page and look for your pledge you find info there).

Do NOT put them here open for everyone to see.

Allso you can send “Message” there that will speed up process.

Thanks so much for the advice, I just sent it over to him!


I seem to have never received any confirmation from Owlcat, just from the Kickstarter website. Below is the package I contributed to. 1) When will I get a message from Owlcat and 2) how do I PM you?

Digital Bundle

You will get everything from the Digital Download tier, plus a digital copy of Pathfinder: Kingmaker Enhanced Edition.

When you go to his page:

You should be able to see top left his picture, nick, info that he is Community Manager and top right small image where is written: " Message " try pressing it.

Oh, and if page do not open using that link try same link but use only “http”, I am using HTTPS-everywhere addon what make (my)internet browsing more secure. It should work OK for you allso but if not, just drop “s” from link :slight_smile: