Kineticist help required

Hello, I met the Kineticist character with the story.
I have some difficulty understanding how it works, but seems an amazing class.

Can someone try to explain, or point to a guide, how this class works?

The Kinteticist is an unusual character, and there are probably better guides than what I can say, but here’s an overview.

Kineticists attack using a Kinetic blast - they type of damage (fire, bludgeoning, electric, etc.) depends on what element the Kineticist uses. Low level Kineticists only get access to one element/type of attack, but at later levels you will get to select either an Expanded Element or an Extra Element. This means that you could shoot blasts of fire that do fire damage and also switch to throwing earth that does bludgeoning damage. The blast does damage based on the Kineticist’s level, so you want to stay in the Kineticist class and it will stay useful throughout the game. The basic Kineticist uses Constitution as the stat to determine damage, but the Dark Elementalist archetype changes that to Intelligence.

While the Kinetic Blast does decent damage, we also need to discuss Burn and Infusions. Infusions add different effects to the blast - extra range, a chance to trip, changing the shape into a cone, etc. Using an infusion costs Burn, in order to make you think carefully about which Infusions you want to use whenever you attack. There are two ways to generate Burn. If you just tell a Kineticist to use certain infusions when attacking, she will take nonlethal damage that cannot be healed until she rests in order to create Burn. You can also use the Gather Power ability - this will make the Kineticist spend either a move action, a full round action, or a full round action and a move action to generate 1, 2, or 3 points of Burn that she then has to use immediately or lose. Right clicking on one of the Gather Power options so that a Kineticist will automatically use Gather Power is a good way to make sure that your Kineticist doesn’t go through all of her health during easier fights. At higher levels you get to automatically reduce the amount of Burn you use on your Kinetic Blasts, so it becomes easier to use some of the stronger effects and Infusions.

The element you use for your Kinetic Blast is also important. There’s the obvious issue that creatures with fire resistance will take less damage if your Kinetic Blast does fire damage. Then there is the difference between physical blasts and energy blasts. Physical blasts, like throwing water or earth, add your entire ability modifier (Constitution or Intelligence), ignore spell resistance, and act like normal ranged attacks, attacking an enemy’s AS. Energy blasts, like fire or lightning, add half of your ability modifier and can be blocked by spell resistance, but are ranged touch attacks and so are very accurate. When you expand your element, you will also get access to Composite Blasts that combine elements - like Fire and Water create Steam or Fire and Earth create Magma. Composite blasts use double the dice when dealing damage, but do cost some Burn.

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