Kickstarter backer of Wrath of the Righteous

I’m a backer on kickstarter but when I go to the portal it show nothing in my account at all. I wanted to add the Aphla but first I need to fix why it’s not showing anything… I posted twice about it on the kickstarter but heard nothing there. I’ve received no new emails with links of any kind.

Thank you.

You may e-mail for support at

thank you I looked for an email and couldn’t find one.

Thanks again. They got me all straight.


I have the same issue. My pledge on KS never transfered to the backer portal and I lost the original mail with the link to do that. I sent Owlcat an email about ten days ago but still haven’t got an answer. How much time does it usually take them to reply? Should I try sending a message through KS too?

I only had to wait about 2 days from my first message via Kickstarter to their first reply and then another 3 days for the second reply, but only 1 day for the third reply. Keep in mind that since this seems to be a widespread issue, some delay is understandable. So maybe check tomorrow to see if you have received a reply and if you haven’t, then reach out via Kickstarter.


I got an answer today! :smiley:
My pledge has now been transfered, all good!

edit: actually, I’m still missing the backer badge…so not 100% good, but getting closer at least xD