Keyboard issue with the 2020-08-18 Update

Platform: Steam PC

Do you have any mods? No mods.

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:
Ever since the update of today (2020-0818), the game seem to completely disconnect my keyboard. After about one minute in game, I can’t use any shortcuts anymore, I can’t press the escape key, alt-tab out or even ctrl-alt-dlt.

A temporary fix is to unplug and re-plug the keyboard, but it works for about a minute before failing again. I am using the Logitech G110 keyboard. It works perfectly outside of the game or with other games and applications. I had a similar problem in the past with FFXIV, but having the Logitech Gaming Software installed resolved the issue. Having this software installed doesn’t solve my PKM issue.


Do you have any other controllers connected? Can you try to turn off or uninstall Logitech Gaming Software and check if issue persists?

I have the same problem. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a key that stays pressed (not physically). I was able to open a notepad to test the keyboard and it was writing the letter “d” infinitely, but the key is not jammed and it only happens while playing the game. Re-plugging the usb keyboard does temporarily fix the problem, but it comes back. I was able to bypass the problem by switching to a bluetooth keyboard. I also have Logitech gaming software installed. Shutting it down does not fix the problem with the usb keyboard (Microsoft wired 600).

I have the same problem with the G110 logitech gaming keyboard. It keeps bugging while playing, the keyboard just stops working at all (scenario 1) OR keeps repeating the same key (d or s). Never had any problem with the keyboard.

No mods. Tried to reinstall the keyboard drivers, no change.

I have to reboot computer everytime for the keyboard to work correctly again.

Thanks for the support.


I have the same problem with the Logitech G110 keyboard. Unplugging the usb cable and back in resolves it.

It happens randomly.

I have tried running and not running the Logitech software but that makes no difference.


Sorry for the delayed response.
I don’t have any other controller connected.
Turning off or uninstalling the Logitech Gaming Software does not solve the issue.
My game has become entirely unplayable since the update because of that issue.

SInce last update, I have the same issue :
_my keyboard works perfectly.
_my keyboard (maybe the same “microsoft wired keyboard 600 usb”, as Maleb/Kingkong) stop working ingame. I unplug, replug it to solve it temporarily.
_sometimes, It is as if a key stay pressed.

My game comes from GOG, without mod. My mouse is a noname, not a logithech.

Thanks to help us !

Same issue here, using an Alienware USB keyboard. Works for a bit then the keyboard stops functioning. Have to reboot the computer to get it working again.

Platform is Steam, no mods installed.

Platform GOG and I play with turn based combat mod

I have a similar problem
I can only play the game with an Xbox controller

On the loading screen I get a message to press A(on Controller) or any key to continue , so if I press my keyboard the game wont load. Works fine with controller but just feels wrong.

I also have the same issue using the Logitech G110 keyboard.
The duration of time before the keyboard glitches out varies greatly, so does which key becomes “stuck”. It is normally one of the navigational keys or the spacebar.

It is always triggered by playing Pathfinder but persists even after exiting the game, requiring a reboot.
Updated to latest drivers and updated Windows OS with no change.

As with others have no issues with keyboard in any other application/game.

Looking forward to this puzzling glitch being resolved.

ps Love the game

I have the same problem.

Also using the Microsoft wired keyboard 600 usb as mentioned above, with Steam on Windows 10.

Just bought the game yesterday, the issue appears extremely frequently making the game unplayable.
Disconnecting the usb cable temporarily solves the issue, but it reappears within minutes.

If I exit the game, the keyboard doesn’t function in Windows until I plug out/in the cable.

Same issue, using a Logitech G110. Keyboard stops working after a few minutes, and I need to unplug it and plug it back in to get it going again. Hoping for a quick fix.

Same issue as described above. G110 keyboard. Unplugging and plugging it back in fixes the issue temporarily.

Hey everyone - I know this is a bit of a necro but like everyone else I hate when things go unresolved. I did some DEEP digging and found that Steam + G110 had an issue a long time ago with Beta (and then Big Picture mode) tried to call a ton of Direct Input calls to the keyboard, and for whatever reason the G110 itself has issues with that happening. Now, I still haven’t found a fix, but for me, it only started happening when I upgraded my tower completely last year. Until then, I do believe I was using ancient official Logitech drivers, not whatever Windows installs automatically (which might just be whatever the latest Logitech drivers were).

My theory is that the “latest” official driver for the G110 has this issue, and I used to use one from before that. I’m currently in the phase of trying to find old drivers, and/or a workaround.

With all the hype concerning the new Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous game, I wanted to try Kingmaker again. As it turns out, one year later, the bug is still unresolved. I am still having issues with my G110.