Katana & Wakizashi

I know, that there will be some new weapons in WotR, but does anybody know, if we’re going to get Katana & Wakizashi?

I would personally hope they save those for a Jade Regent based game. And I say that as someone who actually would like a katana.

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A game set in Tian Xia would be most awesome, but somehow I don’t want to wait until we get one to build a char that I’ve in mind - not to mention that even though very rare they’re not completely unknown/unavailable in other regions of Golarion. Having options is always good.

I had two things in mind:

  1. getting all the asian-themed stuff out at once will probably allow them to do a better job of it
  2. absent item creation feats (cue hysterical laughter), you’ll be stuck for long periods with no upgrade item. In the alpha, you get to the end of chapter 3 and never once lay eyes on a gnome hook hammer (loot or vendor) other than the one your companion comes with (+1 cold iron doesn’t quite cut it at L12).

If they decide to add it I won’t argue with them but if I were the decision maker I probably wouldn’t do it. unless the decision was already made to make loot a lot more random than we’ve seen to date.

There was a short reply to an answer in the most recent developer Q&A and according to it, no new weapon types will be added. No Katana, Wakizashi or really anything else. The Hellknight Plate is the only new thing gear-wise in WotR.

Thanks a lot for the info.

False. I sold at least 5 or 6 of them. I think one was +1 cold iron with +1d3 damage to chaotic creatures (think it is in Lost Bastion before Boss fight) and another +2 had holy. Others were probably normal +2, or +3. I think also Woljif sells one more.

Woljif never came back to me after the gargoyle raid (probably because I forgot to talk to him between solving the frame up and attacking the grey garrison), and I’m glad to see someone found any. Possibly I didn’t do enough exploration outside the main areas. I did go through and not find one and was taken aback by the exotic weapon vendor not carrying any (given some of what he did carry, I kind of thought filling holes like this was the reason for his existence).

The question about new weapon types is near the bottom …

  • Will any new weapon types be added?

Ooofff really no new weapon types will be added that’s idk kinda a major bummer…:frowning: