Journal Quest Info needs more info

I’ve run into a lot of quests that are frustrating, due to not having enough information to continue from the text in the journal entry. Currently, it’s the Lich Mythic quests, with ambiguous information and nothing to go on from the map.

It says I need to go to a mysterious place in the southwest. How far is the place? Is it marked on the map? Instead of being mysterious and interesting, it’s boring and annoying - especially given the travel times on the strat map.

There was also the disappearing Graybor incident in the Dragon quest. He isn’t in the Drezen Tavern at his usual spot, probably because I took my time in heading there this playthrough. It’s probably just a bug, but if he’s gone because of a quest timer, we should be informed that this is a timed quest. That information should just be more than some flavor text in the description too.

There are lots of quests with urgency in the wording that aren’t timed. How can we distinguish from the ones that are timed? If that’s intended, it’s unfun and annoying.

Yes i also think the journal should be improve.

To be honest i have not look at it much in the Alpha, but the lack of important info guiding you to what need to be done was a issue in Kingmaker.

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Yuk. Then please make it an option.

It’s already enough or even too much for me when I see those big markers on the map, who are shouting “hey, next quest step is over here!”. Like in those brainless, XP-focused MMORPGs or other games that insult the player’s intelligence. Don’t forget that one of the pillars of those games is the fun of exploring.

What could be a good compromise is to keep the related conversations in a section of the journal, especially for a game that long. I also like the way The Witcher did, by keeping tabs on important characters (and monsters).

And of course for that to work, there should be enough information in the conversation / note / … to allow the player to find the next step if those big exlamation markers are not there. IMO it’s the best way to engage the players in a great experience.

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The worst was the Dragon. The journal told you to go SW and it was actually way off to the East. That was a time killer…

Hopefully the timed quests come up with a counter at the header like Kingmaker had. It’s not super obvious, but it’s there.

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