Joining Alpha 2

Hey all, hope everyone celebrating Christmas this week is having a fantastic holiday.

Question, I wasn’t part of the Kickstarter, but is it currently possible to buy in and get access EA now?

Yes i think so, you just need to buy a Alpha Early Access Key in there.

Keep in mind that you pay only for Alpha access and i don’t know how much time is actually left before Beta.

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Oh wow, so I’d need to pay again for Beta/Full release? Thanks for the info, appreciate it.

Edit note: I see my mistake, there are selections below the full purchases, totally missed the alpha key section. Thanks again for pointing it out, not sure how I missed it!

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You had to order alpha and beta access separately. There will be no more updates for alpha and beta starts early 2021 ( I guess February, but no official date so far).

I do not know if you can buy beta access and if this gives you the full game at release too.

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Please note that Alpha stages are officially ended, and we do not gather any Alpha-related feedback anymore. If you want to provide feedback and take part in shaping the game, it would be better to upgrade your order to one of the options that include Beta access.
@Madscientist3 Unfortunately, we’re not selling Beta access separately. But Beta access is included in some pre-order editions.

I am a Kickstarter backer who has the game plus beta and I got alpha separately.
I did not know what other people can buy now.

So we got a new community manager.
Welcome Siri.
Apple will miss you :wink:

@Siri thanks for the feedback, happy to have played in Alpha, albeit at the tail end - gave me something to do over the holiday! :smiley: Overall pretty positive experience.

Any chance I could get access to the Alpha forum? I’d like to read through what people have posted.


You’ve been added as far as I can see )

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Thanks so much, already in and participating! Happy New Year!

I’m so tempted to fire up another round of alpha, but I really want to wait for beta so my save isn’t potentially wasted/incompatible. Being that the first 2 acts are largely the same, I don’t want to burn myself out on them for “nothing”.

I myself am looking to play the demon path to its fullest potential as soon as the beta hits. That, and the swarm-that-walks.

I’ve played Lich twice and Aeon so far. So, I might go Chaotic Good for a change. So, we’ll see how that plays out. They were so different after the second act that I’m really looking forward to it. Also looking to see what classes get added/fixed/fleshed out.

Character building can be hard enough as it is. With so many extra choices, you really have to make up your mind at the character creator.

I really wish they’d make a character builder for this reason (among the many).

I started playing Alpha a couple of weeks ago and I have been submitting a lot of bug reports. Are you saying that no one is ready those bug reports or are you talking about “feedback” specifically and bug reports are still being looked at?

Constructive good or bad feedbacks are always looked at to some extend.

But we can guess that the bug reports are probably not as much looked at since the next version will most likely fix a lot of them. They should still be reported, especially critical ones.

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