Issues gambreaking and otherwise

Cannot finish molten scar quest. Nothing is triggered in quest, and Janna Aldori is never picked up by guards. (Attack out of nowhere)

I freed the angel and did not receive credit for the quest. (Spreading the wings)

Somehow I do not have the key to enter Ivory Sanctum. I remember having it, and have looked everywhere, from where it drops to every vendor, and it is just gone.

Also when going Eldritch Knight, it stopped giving me spell slots for higher levels. I was able to learn a few, but have not been able to get over Level 4 spells.

When confronting Camellia, i let her leave the area, then tried to kill her back in town. She teleported far off the screen and bugged the game. It is now stuck in that mode, you get full team and there are no NPC’s on the grounds. Even went back to the abandoned house, she was stuck aggressive, but did not attack, finally killed her hoping it would fix it, it did not. She did drop all the gear that my main character was wearing though.

While gathering the Mongrelmen, the weekly war report popped up, and has froze on screen and cannot be gotten rid of. Since it has frozen, you cannot get new troops or move points or attack. Effectively freezing up the war side of the game.

I also can’t finish molten scar, and don’t have the key for the ivory sanctum. I am able to enter and battle through the first room, but after talking to a demon I am unable to open the next door. One of the demon types (big pig demon with wings, can’t remember name) gets stuck in a death animation loop, I wonder if he is supposed to drop the key.

The key drops at Winterwood i believe it is called. The tribe leader drops it.

I got the skull key in wintersun from the demon there, but once inside the ivory sanctum, I cannot open the 2nd door, which is locked. I can’t find any obvious key or puzzle mechanism. There are 2 floor tiles that once stepped on summons a demon that you talk to, but they don’t appear to open the door.

I had the same issue in my current playthrough. In another thread it was mentioned, that it is a known bug since the last patch. So we probably need to wait for the next patch.