Issue with characters moving slow

No, the issue is with PC players for whom Tactical Time Flow doesn’t change anything.

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I have read the many comments here and there. Both some console and PC players report having super slow motion characters.

( I am not affected ; on PC )

Is there a way to roll back the game to before the download? On Steam at least you didn’t get a choice. And I’d really like to be in the position of “atm we can’t reproduce the issue and find what causes it.” Come to my house if you want to see it in action.

I’m having the same slow down on PC was running great prior to the new update. Loving the game. Just slowdown on maps when moving around. Shows running animation but characters are in slow mo. Do you know if there will be a fix coming and how many users are being affected by this issue? Thx a bunch for any info you can provide.

Exactly the same problem. I don’t know why they’re saying they can’t reproduce the problem and therefore can’t fix it. They need to run it in a customer-type situation and not on the computers they’re doing the programing on. I don’t find that response satisfactory. It’s not like this is a beta test and we got the game for free.


I just got a reply from Owlcat suggesting the shift+spacebar fix for this problem and nope. The only thing I noticed was that when I had cleared the area I was in (Troll lair), the animation sped up noticeably; also if I click fairly far ahead of the party, they move a little faster. On PC playing through Steam. Maybe I should try them. Also, this does seem to have something to do with the massive update, as characters ran just fine prior to update. Dropping items so you’re carrying less, encumbered or not, doesn’t seem to change anything, nor does V nor does, as I said, shift+spacebar. Sigh.

A temporary fix might be to opt back to Steam beta 2.1.0g. There was only 2 majors bugs i’m aware of and a few minor annoyances.

killing Jaethal, since she is needed(bug) to enter Valley of the Dead and shapeshifting / polymorphing lead to the character equipment to become lock in place.

I just try to opt back to the beta with my current save file 2.1.0i and everything was fine, but i don’t have the slow motion bug on my PC. It was also less then 1g to download.

I am having the exact same issues and have the same specs: MacOS + Steam download

How do you do that? And will you lose your characters and progress?

No we don’t lose progress, but you won’t be able to try since the beta is Windows only…

The beta create his own save files (test) folder and we just copy / paste our save files into that folder or vice versa.

How to join the beta and instruction (Steam and Windows only)


Since I’m on Mac I just have to quit playing and wait for a patch then?

yep it’s odd. I was in a cave or something and had casted Haste and then left the cave and movement was fine…until the next map :slight_smile: so it’s something simple but haven’t quite figured it out yet. Still grinding it though as the game is really fun.

We are still on it. If someone can help us with this issue - please, send us video of the issue and detailed information about this bug to

today i‘ve got my Xbox One Copy of the game.
I’ve installed the update, start my first game and i noticed, that the movement speed is awfully slow, like the character walks in slow motion. In battles it got even worse. I’ve tried turn based mode and real time mode, both are running incredible slow.
Right at the beginning (the great hall with the introduction sequence) i realized, that as soon as I walk down the hallway to exit the area, the game itself immediately runs smoother. If I turn back, the game becomes slow again. When I disable (!!!) the „fast movement“ option in the settings menu, my hero walks a little bit faster, but here again, not at a normal speed.

And at the End of the tutorial (big fight in the hall), the game lags and stutters like hell! The performance (FPS) becomes near unplayable :confused:

I’ve just loaded 2.1.5d from GOG onto linux, I’ve just got passed the Trading Post and the game has slowed to a crawl. Does anyone know if this bug should be fixed, or if there is a work around?

Update: no amount of pressing shift+space and/or “v”, nor quitting and reloading, resolved this. However, after one painfully slow battle, in a different zone to where this bug triggered, the bug cleared.

I’m not sure if it’s the same for Linux, but it seem to be related to the resolution. Check this thread(s).

I am having these issues. started just outside fangberry cave. holding V makes it slower; but its all slow.

I’m on linux, lowest graphics settings; 1600x900 resolution windowed. tried restarting, disabling steam overlay.

I loaded up a save from right after release (barony throne room) and it behaves correctly.

Hey there, I’d like to update this thread for May 2021 and join the “My Characters Seem to be Moving in Slow Motion Even While Out of Combat Club”. Can anyone offer some advice or tips on some way to resolve this?

I’m having the same problem on PC. I’m not using any mods and the speed isn’t always so slow.

I noticed this only happens on certain maps. I was in Armag’s Tomb and it only happened on the first floor. The 2nd floor allowed me to move normally.