Issue with characters moving slow

Hi everyone, I installed PF:K to do my second playthrough, this time with turn-based mode, and I encountered a weird issue, that I can’t solve.

All characters are moving extremely slow. My characters and npcs. The general performance of the game is good, it’s just character movement. I turned the character speed in turn-based mode up to the max, and they move okay when in turn-based mode, but the combat ends and slow-mo is back.

Anyone knows how to fix it?


Are you playing on console or PC?

PC. Thanks for the quick response!

Have you tried to verify integrity of game files? Do you have any mods?

No mods, just downloaded the game today on GoG.

I am verifying files right now.

I verified the files and checked if anything is better.

Same issue.

Can you, please, report it using the in-game bug report feature? Press F11 and the bug report button will appear.

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Hi, I am having the same issue, but I am running on Mac. F11 doesn’t seem to pull up an in-game bug reporting feature.

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It is logically the Tactical Time Flow mode (no joke) : see the controls in your settings.

It slows down time on purpose, as an option for those using real-time combat.

Default key : shift+spacebar.

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A quick shift + spacebar to lock it ON

And hold for a second shift + spacebar to turn it off

how do you turn this off on ps4?

Nnnope. I tried playing around with it, changed how the button is set up so it won’t require me to do shift+spacebar - it did not solve the issue.

I sent the bug report.

Yes it look like a critical bug and other users on Steam have the same issue.

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Hi, same issue here:

I just installed the latest 20GB patch to find out that my character’s movement is suddenly really slow , as if permanently locked in tactical mode. The game is unplayable that way.
Any known fixes?

Please don’t suggest V or Shft+Space, I’m familiar with those and it doesn’t change anything. Playing on MacOS via Steam, no mods installed. Was playing just fine until the latest update self-installed.


Replying to keep the thread alive.

I am so sad :frowning: I love the game and I hoped to replay it finally, but the fact that everything takes twice as much time makes the game unplayable.

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Can you, please, answer some questions?
On what platform do you play? Do you play with keyboard and mouse or with gamepad? Do you play in RTWP or TB? Does this happen in combat or out of combat? Does it persists after combat/ooc? Do you have any other controllers connected?

As I ALREADY mentioned, I play a GOG version. So PC
Keyboard and mouse.
I SPECIFICALLY mentioned in my first post, that I play in turn based mode.
I SPECIFICALLY mentioned it happens out of combat, in combat it’s fine.
I don’t have any other controlles connected.

That caps is because I work on Service Desk and I generally look at the first information I get if I want to help solve the issue. My post is up there, and I kind of feel you might be just posting here to play for time, which is unnecessary. It’s a game. I can wait. But if you have all the details and make me answer questions to which the answers are already there and not hard to find, it starts to make me feel frustrated, because ffs I really want to play this and if me restating easily found information is needed to have my issue resolved, then it’s starting to be annoying.

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There are other people in the thread, who can also answer those questions :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, atm we can’t reproduce the issue and find what causes it.

Same problem since the recent humongous download with new content (happy to have turn-based combat!) In combat, I can hit the spacebar to speed characters up but out of combat that is, of course, the pause button. Playing on PC with Windows 10. Animation is still the “running” animation but it’s like the characters are doing it in slow motion. And, again, this only happened with the recent enormous download. Can it be patched or something? I’m still on my first playthrough and would like to finish before I’m in my grave. Playing through Steam if that makes any difference.

With turn-based mode, during combat, spacebar does not pause but instead accelerates the animations of one character at a time.

You are on a PC : if you check your control settings, you will see that shift+spacebar toggles the Tactical Time Flow option.

The issue is with console players who often cannot turn it off.