Is this all for now?

So I made it to the first town. I have access to about 4 areas. I have cleared them, there seem to be ‘events’ I have no access to, and i have a quest I can’t do because I can’t reach the area. Is this all there currently is? I get that it’s alpha so if the answer is ‘Yes’ I’m all good, I just can’t tell if I reached the current limit or I’m just missing something.

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For discussion of the alpha it would be better posting to the Alpha section (which you may or may not have access too).

If you don’t have access to it I recommend contacting @Mortheim the Community Manager.

There is a lot more. Guess your missing something

I don’t have access to the Alpha forums yet not the ability to DM Mortheim. I sent an email to the ostrunokov (or whatever it was) for alpha access.

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Let me guess. In Marketplace there is athletic check to build “bridge” accross the chasm near 3 crusaders.