Is there any alternative to ArchMage Armor?

Blood Rager 5 gives you Shield and Mage Armor. Together with ArchMage Armor Mythic Feat you get a whopping +18 AC.

Is there any other option for a strength-oriented unarmored character?

Instinctual Warrior (Barbarian) gives you WIS to AC. and +1 AC per 5 levels. So roughly +15 AC if you focus on WIS.

And thats it. You have to focus on other stats to get comperable AC bonus.
Or iam missing something?
Any other HIGH BAB class that has access to Mage Armor + Shield?

Any class that can drink a mage potion can use archmage armor…

Wearing Armor gets you much more Armor for most of the game, the bonuses that comes for that Armor, and an extra Mythic you’re not wasting on Archmage Armor.

Archmage Armor is an ok late game pickup for some classes like Wolj who can’t wear Armor. Going naked when you can wear armor is chasing clickbait and making the game harder.

Especially when your delaying the development of your base class to try to get the inarmored bonused of the few classes designed around it.

If you’re playing well your AC rarely matters in any case.


Over a month old sorry but there is one similar option. The shaman with the wind spirit can take the air barrier hex that caps at +12AC at level 19 leaving room for 1 level in monk. Iceplant hex for +2 natural armor or 4 with a ring. Wisdom based caster so adding some wisdom will do more than just increase AC. Either the spirit hunter or the shadow shaman make for very capable melee fighters. You could take extra spirit for battle spirit and weapon specialization. Not high BAB but the spirit hunter’s free enhancement bonus can help smooth out overall AB early/mid when its the most painful and then transition into abusing elemental barrage later.

Slayer arcane enforcer’s version of mage armor also works with archmage armor

Try Oracle alternatives - Wind Barrier there too, but you can also have Ice Armor, Bone Armor or Spirit Armor (power is similar).

I am looking for an alternate to bloodrager when I do my second “Demon Path” Playthrough. Maybe around christmas time.

And in that case I make heavy use of demon forms, which are unarmored.

The slayer enforcer looks very promising. Reminds me of bg2 slayer.

Blood Rager:

  • 6 HP, HIGH BAB, Fort Save
  • Rage (+4 AB, +4 dmg, +4 Will, -2 AC)
  • Uncanny Dodge, 5/- DR, Bloodline Powers

Slayer, Enforcer:

  • 6 HP, HIGH BAB, Fort and Reflex Save
  • Study Target (+5 AB, +5 dmg)
  • Rogue Talents like Uncanny Dodge, Dispel Strike or Weapon Styles
  • 6d6 Sneak Damage and Master Slayer

Rage powers, armor training, judgments, magic vestment (on both armor and shield) certain performances, polymorphing … there are a ton of ways to add AC. Archmage armor is great if your class can’t use armor but for classes that can you can usually find other ways to shore up your defenses without burning a mythic.

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Bingo, well put.

Close run thing between Archmage and Monk dip for most destructive memes in Wrath.

Focus on your class strengths and develop those to the fullest.