Is there an existing saved-game editor?

I have a couple of “broken” characters – for Ember, I cannot see her second level spells. A saved-game editor may allow for some of these issues to be addressed. (Sigh)

Did you use metamagic? You can load a save from before you started using metamagic, that “fixes” it. Metamagic breaks spellcasting in most but not all cases

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Thanks, @chiaslaufis . However, I am long past the point where I want to reload that version.

And yes, the cause was from Metamagic. I gave her the Metamagic Reach ability. I thought it would be good for her healing capability. Alas, the bug made this less than useful. She can still cast her second level spells, and I can still level her up, but I cannot on a regular basis see her second level spell page.

Havent found any save editors, but rekon you could use a mod called toy box from Nexus mods (Toy Box at Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous Nexus - Mods and community) allows you to add spells to selected party members, along whit feats, respec party members, modify stats and even change the amount of exp gained, along other features. Use it myself so rekomend highly.

Thanks, @Nox_Phantom !! That sounds like exactly what I am looking for. I will check that out.

You’re welcome. Cheers and all the best.

I made the attempt, but I am not used to the Unity Mod Manager yet (I had to install that first, of course). I attempted to follow the directions for getting it to work, but it seems to not be working for me. I will need to come back to this when I have a bit more patience.

Sorry to hear it and wish i could help, but aint exactly expert whit unity either.

tho if unity is not working id guess problem might be that that it has wrong folder location for the game, which should be steam/steamapps/common/pathfinder second adventure demo, or folder where the wrath.exe is for the game, but if you have Steam that should be the path to it. You can check it by opening unity and going to install tab and making sure game is set to pathfinder Wrath of the righteous and folder says: pathfinder second adventure. If it isent set to correct folder you need to select the right one, if you have the game on gog you have to find the path yourself, tho i rekon you could open gog left click game select ”manage instalation” and then click ”show folder”. Hope that helps.

Also sorry for rambly responce, i aint the best articulator.

If mod itself isent working thats past my meger expertise.