Is the moving topography in the Abyss bugged?

I’m in Chapter 4. I got to this in the first part of the Beta and while waiting for the buildings/walkways/etcetera to shift was certainly irritating, I feel like it did not take remotely as long as it seems to be now.

And by that I mean forever. I just sat for ten minutes waiting for the long walkway in the middle region to come down so I could explore elsewhere and it still hasn’t moved. Then another ten. Still nothing. That is unconscionable. It can’t possibly be intentional can it? Please tell me this is a bug so I can stop from throwing my laptop out the window.

Buildings and flying isles with move together with your camera rotation. Try swinging the camera to the left or right - the topography should now move instantly.

As for the large “elevator bridge” in the Middle City: it kinda has a visual bug right now. At some point its animations kinda stops. I could still walk on the “raised” platform even while down there. And vice versa.

A question - do you remember if you got a ‘tutorial’ pop-up the first time you encountered the moving buildings that explained the “camera rotation to control moving buildings” mechanic?

I get one there (with tutorials set to off, even), so if you don’t it might be worth bug reporting. Those sorts of tutorials are also an item referenced in the current beta survey, so I’d guess they’d find that feedback super helpful.

I did never get a tutorial for the camera trigger action. Took a long time to find out about it (thanks for the tip, btw). And even longer until I twigged to what they did in some places with the mechanic.