Is Soulreaver (8th level Necromancy spell) useless?

I’m looking at this on a wizard level up screen and I’m noticing two very similar spells of the same level:
Horrid Wilting: Necromancy, 40 ft AoE in Long range does 1d6/level (20d6 max), Fort for half, and goes up to d8s against plants, no descriptors.
Soulreaver: Necromancy, 25 ft AoE in Close range does 1d6/level (20d6 max), Fort for half, and has the Death descriptor.

In short, Horrid Wilting has longer range, larger AoE, a boost against plants (not very useful in this game admittedly), and doesn’t carry the Death descriptor, so can hit things immune to Death spells. Other than that, they do the same base damage, have the same max, and both allow Fort saves for half damage. I see no reason to ever use Soulreaver other than if you wanted a smaller AoE, and who wants that?

I realize they’re both in the PnP game, but I see no point for both there, either, and no point to including Soulreaver in this game.

I’m curious, am I missing something?

The area of effect for Horrid Wilting is so large that you often can’t cast it without taking out your tank. The smaller area of effect of soulreaver can be a blessing.