Is Mounted Combat the Next Stretch Goal?

probably! Check out the hidden Stretch Goal!

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Years of solving crossword puzzles tell me that, yes.

Since we hit the Mounted Combat stretch goal, what sorts of mounts do people want?

Personally I’d like to see slurks and capybaras/donkey rats for shorties and axe beaks (absolutely not an non-avian dinosaur) for medium sized characters for instance. :smiley:

Now I have to pick the Azata path for the dragon-riding!

Well, primarily I want dinosaurs, specifically Allosaurus. Camels would also make sense, given that for the longest time they were medium-sized cavaliers’ only alternative choice.

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In TT, I’m mainly a warhorse kind of guy, but I wouldn’t turn down a pegasus, hippogriff or griffon.

With dinosaurs I would love to see the Goliath Druid as one of the new archetypes

I wonder what happens if you take the gold dragon path. Does using a mount even apply to you?

Personally, I want riding dogs for small characters, and I want them to be Corgis.

I heard dragons can be used as mounts. So other characters can ride you I suppose.