Is it possible to download patches from Owlcat?

Hi there,

I bought the game on GOG and play it under Proton on linux (where it works great – I’m slightly annoyed that there isn’t a linux-native version like there was for Kingmaker!)

However, GOG only display the last n patches on their downloads page, and I got deeply engrossed in the story, when I got it working, on version 1.0.4. (I’m just about to come out of the Abyss). I’m slightly scared losing my saves, and would love to download all the incremental patches from then onwards to maximise the probability that “nothing breaks”. I contacted GOG support about this on the 5th of November, and they haven’t yet replied.

Does Owlcat publicly post patches? Can I just download them somewhere?

Thanks for your help!

Owlcat doesn’t host the patches publicly, no. Updates are submitted directly to Steam / GOG / EGS. You can get them from either storefront’s client. Or GOG’s stand alone installers, I believe.

Innoextract cannot use patches, so, I just use Minigalaxy for monitor updates.

For playing I use standard Wine + DXVK.

@Kamigoroshi My problem is that GOG’s website won’t let me download earlier patches beyond a certain date – the system just cuts them out. I’m slightly annoyed that Owlcat doesn’t publish them – do you think they’d mind if some kind soul redistributed an earlier patch? (I have a bunch of them from 1.0 to 1.0.4, for example).

@Rilian –this is very helpful, thanks. I’ve got it running in lutris with a custom prefix. I’ll look into minigalaxy but maybe installing GOG’s galaxy into the environment and praying it picks up the preexisting install will work.

I appreciate that you have your reasons for wanting to archive all of these, but there is no practical reason for any company to maintain these patches in the way that you want. You will just have to stay on top of downloading them yourself when they come out if you want to do this.

Maintaining each discreet patch would become impractical over time as there is probably multiple GBs of redundant data from incremental 1.0.0 to 1.1.3 patches.

The best I could suggest is some torrents. If you own a GOG copy of the game, then I don’t see any legal reason why you wouldn’t be allowed to download those. It looks like there are incremental steps up to 1.0.9c, then hopefully the official site can take you from there.