Inventory management improvement

Hello all

i would like to have a new option for inventory management where you can sort items by rarity or magic ability versus basic non magic items especially when you are at vendor selling them

It definitely can need some improvement
By the way, there’s an offer button with which you can sale junk and non-magic weapons/armors with only a few clicks

The only way you do that is by price. More enchanted the items are, more expenisve are, after all.

Please have a look at my inventory. This is how I have done inventory management since Neverwinter Nights 2. Potions of Cure Light Wounds are just packing peanuts, really…

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Pure genius… but if your not averse to mods, check this one out.
Enhanced Inventory, it’ll probably save you the headache from such complex methods.

Thank you for the link. The search bars are certainly convenient, but I’ve become accustomed to my ‘packing potions’ inventory strategy, and I even prefer it in some ways. It lets me conceptualize the different areas as ‘bags,’ and it shunts all new loot to the other side of a divider that won’t be deleted by the auto-offer options, as potions are magick items. This way, anything potentially salable is unsorted at the end, and when I go to sell my haul to a vendor, I can pick and choose ‘things I want to keep’ and make space for them on this side of the ‘packing potions.’ XD

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