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Yelsin the Wizard, only 4th level (campaign stopped due to RL issues). Primary feats were focused around crafting wondrous items, and making sure the rest of the party looked like the real threat. He knew he couldn’t survive in a direct fight, so by making his allies stronger enemies would focus on them.

Unfortunately the only wondrous item was a magically reloading gun pouch for the gun wielder in the party. So instead of the gun wielder having to use the spell Abundant Ammunition every battle (using up a 1st level spell slot each time), my character made a magical pouch that needed a command word, and the pouch would automatically cast the spell. Made the gunslinger’s job of killing stuff much easier.

Similarly, the spells he preferred to cast in combat were Mage Armor and Color Spray. Mage Armor would last a decent amount of time (and especially fun when cast on the Paladin about to get into melee), and Color Spray allowed him to try and deal with minions, so the fighters of the group didn’t have the whole enemy force bearing down on them.

Nice! Who did the art?

That looks absolutely amazing! Wow!

Well, in a new Starfinder campaign, I’m playing a Yokai Mechanic and his drone Princess.
Similar to Rocket and Groot in Guardians of Galaxy, except I’m not as murderous.

Mat and Wraith, are you guys impressed by the bronze figures from HeroForge? I love their service and have plenty of plastic ones from them, but I’m wondering if the price tag is worth it.

Taranis Lunursa, CN Elven Druid Rogue, and his bear riding companion, Radan, LN Kobold Order of the Beast Cavalier (Pathfinder)

Dragao, I think the price tag is worth it provided you’re printing a beloved character or a character you anticipate playing for a long time. The artist I commissioned actually posted his thoughts regarding the bronze mini here:

I decided to go with the metal mini because the plastic miniatures I’ve purchased from Heroforge are a bit too fragile for my taste. If I’m going to commission someone to paint a mini professionally, I want the mini to be able to last. The bronze miniatures also don’t seem to have the 3d printing lines the plastic ones do because they’re made a different way.

Cool minis! I love the paint job you did on the kobold’s shield emblem.

Thanks, Mat! An artist friend of mine painted them for me. Taranis was my first Pathfinder character and also my WoW character back in the day, so he definitely has some sentimental value worth the cost. Given your recommendation, I’ll probably recreate him in bronze sometime in the near future. HeroForge is constantly adding new stuff, so I’ll wait until I can tweak him to look more like I’ve imagined him. Right after I ordered the plastic mini, they finally came out with a full beard that didn’t make him look like a dwarf, lol.

For me, definitely. I love my bronze figurine. I collect a lot of mini’s and having one that is high quality that I (kinda mostly) designed is awesome. It’s great to make a hard to get character custom printed. The bronze is a step above, ensuring durability and looks beautiful.

@Mat: Haven’t finished the paint job on the mini’s. They look funny in the flat black imho. I totally agree with your points though. I very happy and if I have another character I find that I’m as attached to, I will definitely get another mini in bronze.

I have started using them regularly for characters that are just darned hard to find as well, even for some NPC’s. Like good halfling figurines.

Sadly I’ve not been able to play very far in the Kingmaker campaign, but in an evil version I have a half-elf flagbearer cavalier / bard named Alexandar Iskar who is going the route of the battle herald. So far pretty much every ballsy ploy he’s made (in and out of battle) has been an overwhelming success. It’s been pretty hilarious.

Even if mounted combat won’t work, I’m hoping the battle herald PrC will be an option in the game at some point.

Elisandra, aka “Eli”
Halfling Female Gravewalker Witch Jinx with the Childlike feat.

Eli’s full name is Elisandra, and she is far from the innocent little girl
she appears to be. She isn’t even human.

Elisandra was born almost three decades ago in Cheliax to halfling parents
as a slave. While not particularly awful for a halfling, her initial
upbringing was not exactly a happy one either. Life as a slave rarely is.
Wanting a better life for their daughter, her parents took her and tried
to escape from their masters shortly before her coming of age ceremony,
after which she would otherwise have been eligible for sale. The attempt…
ended badly. Not knowing much about the outside world of Cheliax, they
were quickly found. Eli hid as her parents were executed on the spot for
their defiance. She would have been put down as well, if not for her
unusual circumstances. Unusually tall for a halfling and soft of feature
meant she looked a great deal like a human child instead of a halfling
adolescent, and though she didn’t understand why at the time, people around
her always seemed to have bad luck.

Living on the street, she learned to combine those traits together and
actively pretend to be a human child, spinning up stories about being lost
or afraid to meek out what little sympathy the people of demon infested
Cheliax had to offer. She spent several years lying and stealing from
whoever it took in order to survive, never staying in one place too long
out of fear that someone might see through her disguise. She was still a
halfling in Cheliax, and she was quite certain after what had happened to
her parents of what they would do to her if anyone ever found out what she
was. Sometimes they found out anyway, and well, she did what she had to
do to protect herself. Life on the streets of Cheliax isn’t easy, and
you don’t get through it without some blood on your hands. On the rare
occurrence of getting caught, the crocodile tears and stories about
“the bad man wanted to hurt me” fooled the authorities long enough for her
to slip away. Even in a place as cruel and dark hearted as Cheliax, few
people were awful enough to suspect a small child of being a murderer.

The turning point came one day while digging through garbage looking for
food when she found a stuffed doll. Her first thought was that it looked
to be in good enough shape that she could probably sell it for a few
coppers, but that changed as soon as she picked it up. No sooner had she
lifted the doll into the air then someone whispered her name behind her.
Dropping the doll and whirling around, no one was there. Unnerved, she
reached for the doll again, to grab it and run, and she heard the voice
again. It still sounded like it was coming from behind her, but she had
her back to a stone wall… It was then she realized that the whispers
were somehow coming from the stuffed toy, even if they didn’t actually
seem to originate from it directly.

She told it to be quiet until she could get back home, or at least back
to the vacant hole in a wall she was currently calling home, where she
felt she could talk without being overheard. The doll whispered things
to her, promises of power and a way off the streets. Elisandra was no
fool, she wouldn’t have gotten this far if she had been. When strange
glass eyed dolls start whispering to you in the back alleys of Cheliax,
something dark and evil is afoot. But… it was also an oppertunity.
If it could give her a way out of this almost literal hell, why not take
it? Of course it wanted to use her for something, but she wanted to use
it as well.

A deal was struck, and a new witch was born. The thing in the doll
never did tell her what it’s name was, but Mr. Bear as she came to call
it delivered on his end of the bargain. It augmented her jinx powers,
granted her magics beyond her kin, and helped perfect her persona of Eli,
the lost little girl. With Mr. Bear’s help, Eli managed to cross the
boarder out of Cheliax, and finally had her freedom. She could have
left Mr. Bear in a trash heap, but found that she had grown rather
accustomed to the power he provided, and though he often whispered for
her to do terrible things, he seemed powerless to actually compel her to
do anything she didn’t already want to do.

Her parents had done their jobs, Elisandra had a well installed moral
center, if only slightly warped by her time on the streets. While fully
willing to lie, cheat, and steal whatever it took to get by, she drew
the line at actually hurting anyone she considered innocent. She
remembered living a hard life with her parents as a child, the abusiveness
of her old masters, and wouldn’t want to wish that on anyone else. She
may convince them into giving her free room and board just to slip out
again before they realize what happened, but she wasn’t going to cause
them any actual pain or hardship, no matter what Mr. Bear whispered in her

However… not everyone is innocent. Those that would try to hurt her,
to steal from her, or worse… those she has no qualms about hurting back.
And Mr. Bear does have such… creative ideas about what to do with them.

Seriously, though… Can we get a name? I have something to say to that artist…

amazing picture! thanks for sharing.

Care to share anything about Yata’s tengu friend in the picture? I’m interested to hear it.

The character I will be using in a friend’s up coming Pathfinder game is where my user name comes from.

NE Male Jackal Sorcerer (Abyssal/Infernal)
A gluttonous, voracious, selfish obese black backed jackal born to female jackal Kula Mbwa (dog eater) and the barghest demigod Zarongel (source of his powers). Mlafi is very hedonistic and lives life to the fullest. He will sleep with mostly any female and eat anything edible. His motivations for adventuring is that adventurers as murder hobos tend to leave fresh meat in their wake. He does have a hatred for the undead and those who associate with them. This hated is on par with Pharasma’s hatred for the undead, if not greater.

There we go: Chaotic neutral magus/thief with a passion for archeology, a taste for ancient artifacts, and an unfortunate addiction for flaring up every magically charged item or consumable on hand like its 1999.

Eep! I completely missed that question until DemDamnDrows bumped it with his awesome character. Sorry!

That’s Kei, Mrs. Kitten’s character. Let me see if I can still piece together her story… Kei’s parents are unusually wealthy. Unlike most other city-dwelling tengu, who keep to themselves and tend to live in the slums, Kei’s parents live in Magnimar’s Marble District. And while honor is a pretty big deal for most tengu, this particular family made a fortune through bribery, blackmail, trading illicit goods - whatever it takes! Wealth above all else.

As their youngest daughter, Kei has lived a very sheltered life. Never wanting for anything sounds nice, but now she’s looking for her place in the world. Tengu aren’t massively popular with most of the other races, yet she also doesn’t fit in with most of her own kind, who dwell in the slums or in secluded villages in the mountains. Her parents aren’t happy with the idea of Kei leaving the nest (harhar), especially since her older brother had recently vanished when he made similar plans of his own. Kei believes he was involved with the Pathfinder society in some way.

Kei’s parents can’t stop her from journeying out into the world as a young, inexperienced rogue. But they won’t let her go without Yata, their hired muscle. He may be a sellsword and a dim-witted brute, but Kei’s family pays and treats him well and he deeply cares about Kei. While Yata is quick to point out that all tengu look exactly the same to him, they enjoy an almost sibling-like relationship with each other. As an exiled gnoll and a spoiled, rich tengu, they may have a hard time fitting in, but things aren’t so bad for as long as they have each other.

It’s all a bit cheesy and given the official racial description none of this sounds extremely plausible, but it is what it is. Apart from that, she’s a chaotic good unchained rogue, who constantly bounces back and forth between utter failure and sheer brilliance. I’ve never seen so many 1s and natural 20s in my life.

This is tough since I have a number of characters I’m really rather fond of. Therefore I’ll be posting the info about my favorite character of all time.

Caldax Godelyl - Evil Drow Rogue from a 4e campaign

Alright, some backstory: A friend and I had been out of the loop gaming wise for a while when my best friend offered to let the two of us into an ongoing 4e game he was running. we accepted and made some characters, showed up to the game and started playing. It was a really cool campaign in a setting he had homebrewed called “Raang”, the main setting we were playing in was the Empire of Bael Turath (the Tiefling empire that was concepted for the main Tiefling backstories for 4e) but in a twist he based it not in an overly dread area of the world but rather a Caribbean-esque setting with lots of islands and such.

So we play a few sessions and everything is going great. I was playing an elf and my friend was playing a human. Something comes up in combat and I use the Elven Accuracy power to reroll and the DM, my best friend, flips shit. Apparently Elves and Eladrin didn’t exist in his setting due to a variety of reasons, namely that he just plain didn’t like them irl but he had lore explaining why. He then says humans are also generally kept as slaves to the Tieflings and he voided my and my friends characters. So we were back to square one - character generation.

After remembering what he said about the Elves and Eladrin, I decided to screw with him some. After a very small amount of haggling, he permits me to roll up a Drow, my argument being that wherever the Elves and Eladrin had absconded to they would not have taken their dark brethren.

And thus the epic of Caldax began.

So one of the very first missions we get after introducing our new characters was that a nearby temple to Asmodeus sitting atop a somewhat active volcano had a relic from a war with the Dragonborn empire of Arkhosia in it, a banner to some warlord or something similar. Hired to steal it for a rather large sum of money, we poke around town and make various checks to find any way in beyond the main temple doors. After talking to a few people, we learn of a subterranean entrance and we make our move. Sneaking in under cover of night, we find ourselves in what appeared to be a storeroom for the temple. Finding a door nearby, we make our way to it and open it up to see a priest to Asmodeus teaching some youthful acolytes. After a momentary “uh…” moment, one of the acolytes makes a dash for some stairs in the room, no doubt to alert the temple guards. Pulling a hand crossbow, I crit on an attack on the youth, killing him instantly. With battle starting, the other players gang up on the priest, my character sniping the various acolytes until finally no one but the party remained alive. Yelled at by one party member for killing the youths, Caldax simply shrugged and commented they were acolytes to Asmodeus and therefore he felt no qualms about their deaths.

With the only stealth high enough to possibly make it up into the main areas of the temple, Caldax left the party in the basement and made his way topside. Slinking about in the shadows, he finds the room the banner was in, the thing displayed above a corrupt alter as a trophy. Grabbing hold of it, Caldax was unaware a temple guard had walked in behind him. Thanking the fact he had his hood up, Caldax whips around, slams the banner into the guards face and dives out into the main courtyard area which was open to the sky. Using a racial power to levitate up to the roof, he dashes across it before hopping down onto the volcano’s side and sliding down it towards town.

Laying low for a few hours, the party met back up and delivered the banner to the fence. Getting a large sum of money, the other party members mentioned desires to use their funds for new equipment including heading to the Inkwells, Bael Turath’s version of an arcane research institute/university, to get magical gear. Caldax scoffed at the idea and declared they should instead acquire a sea-worthy vessel, a crew and new clothes and turn to a fun-filled life of high seas adventure as privateers/pirates. They agreed heartily and we soon acquired a vessel at auction.

The whole epic of Caldax is long and quite awesome. Some of his exploits is his party winning a fighting tournament, stealing a magical “sea bottle” filled with treant resin (which changes the imbiber of it into an insane treant), discovering an island with spawning pits of monsters, saving the party from said monsters, sneaking a Dragonborn prince out of Bael Turath, getting caught up in a murder mystery, rescuing a half-elf maiden with strange and chaotic elemental powers twice (once from a slaver and again from the Inkwells), diving headlong into a volcano before floating away and taunting his foes while doing so, attempting to kidnap a baby from a pregnant woman to “raise in the dark ways” and more. By the time he died (from a grell of all things) he was one of if not the most sought after criminal in the empire with a massive bounty and, since he was the “face” of the group (to the point basically none of the others were even known of) his party went on for some time after his death.

So many creative minds

Easily the best written character concept I’ve read since well… Ever. And that includes all the NPCs in Paizo’s APs.

So one of my favourite characters I ever played comes from when my friends and I played the Kingmaker AP. Her name was Yoriko, she was a
chaotic good Kitsune Feyblooded Sorcerer, with a focus on Enchantment and Compulsion spells in particular. Our party had to be the most varied one I have been in, we also had a Mebrek Chyunder a lawful evil Hobgoblin Fighter, Roarkara Elincia Ophelia Speedwagon aka Guffy a chaotic neutral Goblin Gunslinger, Tifali Topplebit our neutral good Gnome Druid with her mount and animal companion Ginger, and Lady Maria our lawful neutral Half-Orc Inquisitor. A good chunk of our party interactions with evil npcs involved Yoriko using diplomacy to get a ton of information out of them, then when they had nothing else to give Yoriko would hit them in the face with Colour Spray.

The first picture I have of them was drawn by Tifali’s player right after the first session. it’s supposed to be the group leaving Oleg’s trading Post for the first time.

The second was drawn by a friend of mine a while into the game. After we had lvled up some and gotten some better gear.