Introduce your tabletop characters!

Most forums these days have an “introduce yourself” thread, where people talk a little bit about themselves, who they are and what they do, so the community can get to know them a little better. I’d like to put a little twist on that - how about, we introduce our tabletop characters instead and talk a little bit about them, maybe even show a little drawing of them or a hand-painted miniature or other cool stuff that represents them? I’ll start with mine.

Yata the chaotic neutral Gnoll Two Weapon Fighter

Yata is a gnoll exile, a bastard’s bastard, who has spent most of his youth as a pit fighter. He is covered in scars and over the years he has lost an eye and most of his right ear, but he still has all of his limbs. His experience in the pit has turned him into a capable swordsman, who makes up for what he lacks in finesse through brute strength. He will sell his services to the highest bidder and accepts work as a hired muscle for anyone from lowly criminals to rich nobles, if the price is right.

He’s not exactly the brightest star in the sky. I’m using the Hulking Brute alternate racial trait from Advanced Races - Gnolls, so Yata is about as wide as he is tall and he’s more likely to follow his gut, his loins or just about any organ other than his brain, resulting in all sorts of trouble for anyone foolish or desperate enough to hire him for their adventuring party. Being located in the UK, I don’t really get to play with the other Owlcats over in Moscow, so Yata is part of a little group of freaks and outcasts (such as a kobold, a goblin, a tengu…) and they’re all still a bit wet behind the ears. But they say that the Pathfinder Society accepts members from all creeds and backgrounds, so perhaps there is hope for them.

Here’s an illustration of Yata (and one of his companions) by Randy Bishop:

I’ll throw my hat into the ring here and introduce my newest character, created for an online Kingmaker Campaign that started just recently.

Jillona Shadowmind, Half-Elf Investigator and Master of Disguise

Jillona is a half-elf who was born within the Gronzi Forest near Restov. Her father was a ranger who provided the family’s food and supplies. Her mother was an alchemist who sold her creations to those who came to their hut as well as in Restov. From a young age, Jillona was taught to hunt as well as make alchemical potions. So, it was no surprise that she came to mix the two in her future. However, there was something she was missing throughout her life and she only realized it on a trip to Restov: the want to be someone other than herself. After that one trip, she became fascinated with disguises and acting as another person. She practiced in secret and she took a ‘final test’ by going into Restov disguised as a girl half her age. The test was a great success, but she returned home to find it in ruins. She took what she could, mainly her mother’s wire hand/arm mesh, her father’s crossbow and bolts, and a strange blade remade from a broken blade and with a strange mark on its hilt. Until she received her charter, she had been wandering Brevoy and the Stolen Lands, trying to find work where ever she could (mostly intelligence gathering and infiltration). Now, she works to explore the Greenbelt and find out what the strange mark on the reworked blade’s hilt is.

Jillona is an Investigator, a hybrid between rogue and alchemist. Along with that, she took the Infiltrator archetype, giving her Master of Disguise, Voice Mimicry and Mimic Mastery instead of Trapfinding, Poison Lore and Poison Resistance. With high social skills she focuses more on being able to insert herself practically anywhere as anyone instead of pure Knowledge (even though she does try to gain as much knowledge as possible). Her weapons of choice are Light Crossbows and Daggers and she plans on gaining the ability to Study an opponent at range. On her person at all times are extracts to Disguise Self as well as other similar extracts as well as healing. While she has no idea she is going to become a part of a Barony/Kingdom, she was built to become the nation’s Spymaster.

Below is a Work in Progress painting I am making myself of her:

The last character I made. He was what I posted for an Ironfang Invasion of myth-weavers. Unfortunately, he wasn’t taken to be one of the PCs…

Level: 1
HP: 15
Race: Human
Class: Kineticist
-Blast: Cold
Alignment: Lawful Good
Party Role: Close/Long Range Attacker, Backup Healer(lv.2)

Traits: Water-Touched, Unbreakable Survivor
Feats: Point-Blank Shot, Thoughness

Str: 13
Dex: 14
Con: 18 (racial bonus)
Int: 14
Wis: 12
Cha: 10

Tall and slim, he doesn’t stand out much among other peoples. He has black hair with streaks of white in it and a scar over his right eye, with others on his abdoment and back. With the Elemental Overflow(at level 3), he looks like he has a severe hypothermia; pale white skin and lips, fingers, toes and ears becoming blue.

Edrill is a soft-spoken person, bordering melancholy. He values order and he would rather not go against laws, but he would defy them if they go against what he believes is good, especially if the rules or laws are unjust.

Edrill was the eldest son of a farmer, out of five siblings, from a small village. He was the only one who didn’t inherited the sorcerous powers from his mother and, so, he was often the target of pranks from his siblings. He grew up wishing he had received the bloodline. What he was lacking in powers, he showed in working hard in helping his father tilling and tending the field.
In the middle of one night when Edrill was a young teenager, bandits came to his village. They plundered the village, killing all who stood in their way, which they made hard: they went after the villagers. After the screams broke out, his parents hushered him and his siblings to safety, out of the village and in the woods, but they crossed path with some bandits. His parents fought hard for them and even with his mother sorcery she got killed by the last one standing. Then their killer came after him and his siblings, laughing. They all ran the hardest they could. He soon got caught and faintly remember his youngest sister Rayhlel somehow being ahead of him, so he fought too. The bandit gave him his scar on his face, then he plunged his sword in Edrill gut and tripped, so the both fell on the ground. Out of desperation, the young man tried to strangle the bandit and felt an intense chill. From his hands, cold oozed and he froze the man’s neck. He remembers the surprise on the man’s face and he blacked out.
When he woke up, Rayhlel weeping beside him. He was weak, barely capable of staying alive. When he was healed enough, he managed to walk to Phaendar, well mostly by leaning on his sister. He soon took a job as a farmhand at one of the local farms, and manage to subsist for himself and his sister.
Additional Info
[spoiler]I’m thinking of the Edrill’s family’s bloodline would be one of water elementals. But it’s more linked to the water-touched trait than to parallel his elemental affinity.
Edrill would be around 22 years old and his sister, Rayhlel, 12.
The attack on their original village happened 5 years ago.
He is reponsible for his sister, so he fights for her.
His first infusion, Kinetic Blade, when he has to fight in melee(not is preference though, but ranged blast provokes attacks of opportunity), he tends to manifest it as a farmtool, as shovel, a hoe, a scythe… (for the laugh, when I said it, someone answered: “To elaborate, mainly I’m imagining him going in after a bad guy and one of us cheering him on… “Damn it, Ed, just pretend it’s a potato and GO FOR THE EYES!””[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Reyhlel, CG 1th level Adept
The Edrill’s youngest sibling and his only surviving sibling. She has always had a rather rebellious and mischievous streak, but she’s typically well-meaning. Unlike her older brother, she’s pretty much carefree and is often seeking fun things to do. As per her family, she places a high value on her sorcerous bloodline, so growing up, she’d either become an arcanist or a sorceress and preferring illusion spells. As an Arcanist she would be a Blood Arcanist.
*The image is unfortunately not mine.
**If you look at his charisma, you’ll might figure it’s implicitly said his bloodline manisfested as kineticism as he has no potential as a sorcerer.

Atash was born in Sothis to a sailor from Qadira named Behnam. His mother, Anahita, died in child birth and his father did not have the wealth to resurrect his wife. Behnam blamed the child for Anahita’s death, thus Atash found himself scorned and abused by his alcoholic father. When Behnam sailed out to sea, he left the young Atash in the care of the Cult of the Dawnflower. There he was provided a formal education including the ability to read and write. Atash was treated harsher than any other acolyte due to his light fingers and loose view of the truth he learned from his time in the dock side bars. The priests beat him for his transgression, sighting the Dawnflowers’ love of the truth. On one occasion they cut out his tongue for his wicked lies, eventually allowing him the right to “earn” it back through service. The same priests would take the money that he filched from the congregation, saying it was the proper tithing owed to them. The loss of Behnam wasn’t a shock to the young man when his father’s ship went missing and the crew presumed dead. Instead he continued to serve at the temple of Sarenrae, knowing no other mother than the church.

While he was devout, Atash never felt the call of the temple. He thought that the entire clergy was full of corrupt and hypocritical people. Instead, in his formative years, he could be found in the yard; climbing various buildings to get a better vantage to observe and practice the dancing steps of the Dervishes. Their dancing with the blade flashing in the sun quickened his heart. Though he wasn’t allowed to practice with the Dervish dancers, he’d sneak out at dusk and practice then. While dancing in the long shadows cast by Sarenrae, he found himself lifted into an ecstatic trance, finding Sarenrae’s presence in the flash of the blade, the heat of the desert on his feet. Tending to his duties in the musty interior of the temple, he’d often study old texts detailing what little is known of the Ruins of Tunmen as well as the stories cataloged by Sarenrae’s followers in the sacred texts The Birth of Light and Truth. He learned that Sarenrae was more than the sum of her followers. In the long shadows of day he found his faith. His was a separate path from those others, he vowed to be her vengeance, her anger. He was the shadow hiding from the light of the sun. Deep in his reading he’d find mention of exotic lands and strange discoveries by individuals who also belonged to a group called the Pathfinder Society. He thought there he’d be most able to pursue the calling of his Goddess.

At the age of fifteen, Atash had collected enough money to sail to Absalom to join the fabled Pathfinders Society. After the allotted three years as an initiate he completed the confirmation and joined the exalted ranks of the Pathfinder Society. His time with the pathfinders honed his diplomatic skills as much as it gave him ample opportunity to wet his blade. Temptation often dogged at his steps but thus far, Atash has avoided the pitfalls. He attempts to grant mercy where he can, but his follow through is as harsh as the desert he calls home, his blade burning while it cuts down those who would do injustice. His mercy is a fast clean death in the name of Sarenrae.

Atash’s age is on display with a lack of candor, his shock of obsidian hair crowning his young face. His deliberate steps hints at his physical dexterity. Anyone engaging him in conversation can see the mental acuity behind his tawny eyes. His olive skin has tanned in the Golarian sun and his graceful movements are like that of a lean cat hunting the savannahs. To his admirers chagrin, he does not have the charisma to follow through, nor the desire to do so.

He hopes to retire to Monastery of St. Vardishal, where he first found the blade Tempest. There he plans to wait for the call of his Mistress when he will fight by her side.

The artwork is a commission I had made by Carolina Eade on Deviant Art. She is an artist for Pathfinder and can be found here.

That artwork is fantastic, Wraith. Not sure how much the commission cost you, but it was worth it as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks Mat! I wrote up a couple of pages for her on his appearance and then we chatted a few times about the art as well. I pointed out a couple of books Paizo used her art in that attracted me to her style. From there she took it and ran with it. She’s a great artist. I pay for commissions from all sorts of people and skill level, this was my first by an artist Paizo used.

I personally am very impressed with and love Berserkerkitten’s art from by Randy Bishop. It reminds me of a lot of the 80’s/90’s Disney animation style. I think it’s really awesome.

She’s quite good! I actually went to her page to check commission prices but it looks like she hasn’t been active for quite some time. Her last journal entry was way back in 2014.

I’ve commissioned about six artists over at DeviantArt over the years with varying results. I like supporting art when I get the chance. Was hoping to get a custom portrait for my first Kingmaker character but the artist I last used didn’t do a particularly good job on my Paladin of Shelyn (he looks way too effeminate for my liking)

Do you have any recommendations for artists with styles similar to the art we’ve seen so far for Kingmaker portraits?

Not sure how many of them are still taking commissions. Also, please note, I only posted Atash’s commission because she made it publicly accessible her self. Otherwise I don’t post commissioned art.

Awesome. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Man, Atash’s character art looks absolutely stunning! I love his story, as well!

I personally am very impressed with and love Berserkerkitten’s art from by Randy Bishop. It reminds me of a lot of the 80’s/90’s Disney animation style. I think it’s really awesome.

Yeah, I’d watch a cartoon with these guys! :smiley: Randy takes commissions and he’s worked on quite a few awesome-looking tabletop characters. I really like these guys here (D&D, though, not Pathfinder), also drawn by him:

Anyone interested in his work or wanting to get in touch with him can reach him here:

Here’s a picture I commissioned from the prolific and talented genzoman some years back. My character’s the one in the middle. It was a Final Fantasy Tactics inspired game and I played the ruler of the city of Dorter and the surrounding lands.

I love the resources being shared! Thanks and it looks great!

For your further pleasure as a tabletop player, here is another site I love to use.

Heroforge custom figurines

Atash in bronze

I have other characters in plastic, I’ll post them after work.

Damn Wraith, it seems you and I tend to spend our money on the same things. I also got a bronze mini of one of my favorite characters. Even had him painted.

Finnian Glannis, NG Half-elf Oath of Ancients Paladin (DnD 5e)

Looking forward to seeing your other characters. Atash looks amazing!

Yoshi Minamoto

LN human samurai (sword saint) 19; mythic champion 4

[SPOILER]Already a swordsman of great renown, Yoshi traveled across the Crown of the World to the distant lands of Avistan to demonstrate his skill in the legendary Rushlight Festival. Recruited by King Orlovsky to ensure Cambreadth’s victory in the festival, Yoshi proved an asset beyond anything the rulers of Cambreadth could have dreamed. Proving himself in battle against the forces of the traitorous Irovetti, Yoshi found the challenge he’d always searched for. Deep in the depths of Irovetti’s palace, however, he made a discovery that would change his life: The legendary sword Briar. Forging a bond with the elder-forged blade that was unlike anything he’d ever known, Yoshi reached a level of skill few even dream of. When Briar told him of her wish to put an end to the threat of Nyrissa, Yoshi knew he’d found his calling in life: The battle that would define him as a swordsman. After fighting his way through the countless challenges of Thousandbreaths, Yoshi finally was able to confront Nyrissa. Putting his life on the line, Yoshi slew Nyrissa with Briar’s help. Unfortunately, Briar was forced to sacrifice herself to return the Stolen Lands to their rightful place. With the bond that had defined him broken, Yoshi is now adrift and purposeless… except, perhaps, for the quiet attraction he has found himself developing towards a certain elven witch.[/SPOILER]

The above was a summary done by our GM at the end of the campaign.


CG Half-orc/Half-Construct Warpriest 18

[SPOILER]Canicus began his journey as a Half-Orc warpriest working to reclaim the seven swords of sin after they were stolen. During his attempt to reclaim the stolen swords both he and his party were infected by nanite swarms and were essentially vaporized by multiple fireballs. Somehow Canicus managed to merge with both the nanites, as well as the catfolk and half-elf party members becoming the only survivor. Having somehow “surivived” his untimely fate Canicus eventually joined up with a party of adventurers seeking to prevent the Rise of the Runelords. During this time he came into possession of Garvok, the ludicrously explosive blade. More often than not leaving a trail of destruction in his wake far worse than what his enemies sought to create, something he often found amusing and was certain his deity Gorum took great amusement in as well. Before preventing the Rune Lord of Greeds plans to come to fruition, Canicus managed to help rob the aforementioned Rune Lord blind. Making off with a collapsible hole full of an estimated 8 million gold worth of coinage before helping to transport the rest to a good aligned deity whos name he can’t recall. After helping defeat the Rune Lord of Greed and prevent his evil plans from coming to fruition, Canicus took off in search of the one “surviving” member of his initial party, the Iconic Samurai who had been cursed with vampirism. Only time will tell the effects of Canicus’ unnatural survival will have.[/SPOILER]

From what I managed to gather from the GM, Canicus is essentialy a Von Neumann device who converts nearby matter into regeneration at 1hp/round. In theory making him immortal, though it’s uncertain if he can die of old age.

At the opening of the world-wound there was a human sorcerer, curious, kind, charismatic, strong and brave (though many called him foolish). The blood of a silver dragon flowed through his veins and the stars in his soul.

With the help of his companions he crawled out of the under dark defeating strange beasts and demons alike. The heroes repel the initial onslaught on Tennabre Awakening the mythic powers within them. The heroes led an army appropriately named “this army” towards a castle taken over by demons. Odnalor fought bravely, however his kindness proved to be his undoing. As the heroes fought their way through the castle. They came across a prisoner who Odnalor agreed to help and keep safe until they left the castle. However this prisoner was in fact a succubus in disguise who plunged her rapier deep within Odnalor’s chest when she had the opportunity to do so, the brave (and some would say foolish) adventurer had met his end.

He was a level 5 sorcerer level 3dragon disciple mythic tier 2
Favorite spells were glitterdust, mythic magic missile (converted to cold damage whenever possible), and mythic mage armor.

Jack Guildweave, a minor gnome noble and gifted bard who rose up to become grand king. His story is amusing considering it played out normally with him being a charming and casual fellow yet gradually slips into ego power trip by the end. He was overall a pure caster, playing a support and skill monkey role until the later parts of the adventure. Overall I’d love to detail the grand epic of his rise to power, yet it’s late for me. All I can say is that by the end he had done a risky experiment infusing fae magic into his body through alchemy, leading to great power yet a tad bit of insanity. Ever since me and my friends see him as an iconic character who is often mentioned or appears in future games we run.

My personal favorite is still Kata Foehammer. She is a wonderful Titan Mauler of the far north, leading (at least in this story) an armed forced big enough to take on Baba Yaga. She is credited with the death of at least 450 sailors, and cargo, due to a great Warhammer and Battleaxe she wields. To be fair she smashed the slaves chains after smashing up from the bottom, but still, even a few man of wars sink when a few well placed holes come in. She takes the glory of Caydean in all its forms, including the time she escaped death by surprising an assasian with her body. She may not be the most diplomatic person, but she finds that her hammer and axe are welcome enough for her allies that she gets her point across.

My character when we played the Kingmaker campaign was a sylph gunslinger (pistolero) named Alyshea (can’t remember her last name).

Alyshea grew up in Rostov to elven parents. Her mother was a well respected Calistrian courtesan, and Alyshea would follow in her footsteps. She also learned swordplay by watching and training with the Aldori swordlords (she got the trait Sword scion).

She was of slender build, and was extremley agile (think she ended up with 24 or 26 in dex). She had very fair skin, with strange blue swirling markings that constantly shifted shape and place, white flowing hair that reached to below her buttocks, and ice-blue eyes. She used to go dressed in kneehigh bobots, a short red skirt that allowed her maximum ovement, and a white blouse and a black corset. She later got two magical bandoliers for her weapons, and a possible magical leather armour covering her torso. She also really like jewellry, and at the end she got some magical piercings. A slight breeze always blew around her

On her hip hang an aldori duelling sword (which she never actually used), and in her magical bandoliers she had 4 pistols of different types (the regular one she started with which later got enchanted, a magical pepeprbox pistol, a dragonbreath gun, and a strange high-tech gun she had gotten from the android barbarian in the group.)

In the campaign, she took the role of enforcer. She was fair, but strict in that duty…Making sure that she would not initate conflicts, but she would end them with extreme prejudice if needed. Her contribution to make things better in the campaign was to build a huge high-class dancehall in the capitol, where people could drink, gamble and meet ladies of negotiable affection. It also served as a shrine to Calistria. She made well sure that people knew that it was her building, and that she did not tolerate any trouble there. She went out of her way to make sure that those worked for her were treated well. Examples had to be made of some of the customers that early on caused problems.

We also dabbled with the mythic rules in the campaign, but realized that they were a bit broken, so we removed them. She had the powers of unlimed range, distant barrage and myhtic precise shot.

Unfortunately, my drawing abilities are bad at best and horrible at worst, so I have no way to demonstrate how my character looks like. Just consider her an attractive Taldan young woman. Also, any names referring to the kingdom and such will be in Spanish.

Name: Xemne of Ríos Verdes
Level: 10
HP: 81
Class: Cleric (Erastil)

  • Domains: Community, Law
    Alignment: Lawful Good (after a stint at Lawful Neutral
    Party Role: Healer, Long Range Attacker, Magical Object Crafter

Traits: Rostlander, Mathematical Prodigy (Engineering)
Feats: Selective Channeling, Extra Channel, Quick Channel, Craft Wondrous Object, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Savior’s Arrow

Str: 12 (+2 from Belt)
Dex: 16 (+2 from Belt)
Con: 14
Int: 12
Wis: 20 (+2 from Racial Bonus, +4 from Headband)
Cha: 19 (+4 from Headband

An attractive young woman of Taldan ascendancy, she stands out quite much not just for her beauty, but for her presence. She carries her long black hair tied in a braid, Her green eyes shine, and her bronzed skin only helps make her eyes stand out. Measuring 5’7’’, she is slightly above the mean height of a human male.

She is a somewhat young woman who only shows her true self when in the companionship of her friends, an optimistic person. She is also a patient lady, willing to listen and to support those who need it, particularly when the people need to be healed of injury or illness. About the only thing that can exasperate her is when her companions decide to willingly mess up when she is trying to do things without causing short and long-term problems. Follows the laws, and likes to insist others follow them, but should there it be any unjust law, she will not doubt in challenging it for the good of the people.

Xemne was the daughter of a Rostlander merchant who was not wealthy, but earned more than enough to save, feed his family and provide them with what they needed. However, everything went to hell when Xemne’s mother died when she was six years old, trying to give birth to a baby that also died in labor. Her father fell into a depression, and his business slowly went under. In the end, her father realized that the only way he could help Xemne was to convince the Priests of Erastil in Brevoy to take her in to become a fellow priest.

And he managed to do it. Starting at age 7, Xemne was trained in the worship of Erastil and the use of divine magic: in spite of the somewhat antiquated views the Old Deadeye holds, the Priests could see something in the girl, and so strove to ensure she would become a great cleric. During her time among the clerics, she learned how to heal, helped people deal with their day-to-day issues, worked in the fields, used a bow she had bought with her own savings and even partook in helping to build several buildings, such as a few small sanctuaries dedicated to Erastil.

At age 23, she was finally ordained as a Cleric, with all the powers and responsibilities involved in such, and soon thereafter was given a suggestion. It appeared that the Swordlords of Restov were planning to support several expeditions going into the Stolen Lands, the no-man’s-land territory to the southwest of Brevoy. One of those expeditions would deal with exploring the Greenbelt and cleaning up all the banditry and greater dangers There were reports of ancient temples dedicated to Erastil, and potential treasures spread around the place, and Xemne, being a young cleric with great potential, could easily join the Greenbelt expedition and see to those rumors, as well as spreading the word of Erastil.

So, it was that way that she joined the group, and soon enough she was going towards Oleg’s Trading Post…

Additional Info
Arriving to Oleg’s Trading Post on 31 Kuthona 4714 AR, Xemne and her companions, the half-elf bard Narvi Lebedaniet, the human druid Floji-toor, the elf druid Baldwyn, the human slayer Mr Blonde and the human fighter Iberdrolus soon set out to help post’s owners, capturing and killing a group of bandits that had assaulted the place. The group’s exploration of the Greenbelt led them to several adventures, such as killing several horrible beasts, putting an end to a tribe of horrible mites - and, much to Xemne’s displeasure, also the tribe of kobolds the mites were at war with - ending with their fighting and destroying the group of bandits that worked for the terrible Stag Lord, with a little bit of aid from former Paladin of Erastil Akiros Ismort.

In reward for their efforts, the Swordlords of Restov allowed the group to create their own independent nation in the Greenbelt: Ríos Verdes (Greenrivers), with its capital in Entrerríos (Betweenrivers) where the Stag Lord’s fortress was, slowly began to spread across the northern Greenbelt, with Narvi as the Baron. Oleg’s Trading Post became the center of a new city, Olegburg, and the ford where the group had defeated two tazlwyrm became the land upon which Tatzlford was raised from.

In the meantime, though, the group had to deal with further problems. Exploring the southern Greenbelt, they managed to make friends with a strange witch, fought a tribe of brutal trolls, exterminated a tribe of lizardmen - again, much to Xemne’s displeasure - helped a cursed man, had to deal with a bard that tried to incite a riot, handled a cult dedicated to an evil goddess and finally discovered a conspiracy intended to bring Ríos Verdes down, with the aid of a strange ring that turned animals into hateful creatures whose only purpose would be to destroy any kind of civilization.

The expansion of Ríos Verdes brought much fortune to the land, and this also brought contact with their neighbours, the Varnhold, with whom they became good friends. When, suddenly, all contact with them disappeared, the group set out to investigate what had happened.

Iberdrolus temporarily left his companions in order to find some fortune for himself, although he would sadly meet his end at the business end of a dragon. It was lucky that, during their passing by the town of Nivakta’s Crossing, they found a monk who had made a vote of silence - and so was called Silence - who demonstrated interest in aiding the group, so he joined.

The exploration of the Varnhold brought terrible news to them: the entire population, including their leaders, had gone missing, and their fortress had been occupied by a tribe of spriggans. A lucky discovery by Floji-toor and Baldwyn helped the group infiltrate the fortress from the inner well and put an end to the spriggans, and with a mystery in their hands they set out to determine what had happened to their friends.

The southeastern part of the Stolen Lands, those closest to Restov, were as much danger filled as other parts were, but a chance encounter helped shine a light above the issue. The Nomen Centaur Tribe lived near, and the group, led in their diplomacy efforts by now Duke Narvi and Xemne, managed to establish good relations with the centaurs by giving them Skybolt, their legendary relic, which had been stolen by the spriggans and brought by them to the Varnhold. The centaur leader, Aecora Silverfire, revealed that a certain name the group had learned about, Vordakai, was that of a wizard of their ancient legends, whose tomb resided in an island south of where the tribe’s main camp stood. Aecora’s daughter had gone missing in an attempt to investigate the rumors of Vordakai awakening, and the centaur chieftanness asked the group to find her.

After exploring most of the region in search of anything and everything they could find, a death in the team - Baldwyn - which Xemne managed to revert and a chance encounter with a silver dragon that only Xemne was brave enough to approach - the group finally approached Vordakai’s tomb. Pure luck allowed Mr Blonde to find a terrace which the group could use to get into Vordakai’s tomb. After dealing with several problems - such as a room where tar was always raining, several zombie cyclops and the reanimated body and the ghost of two of the Varnling Host’s members - they found Vordakai. It was a heavy struggle, particularly as Duke Narvi was out of combat because of an elementalist, but nonetheless, in spite of Baldwyn’s blunder in allowing Vordakai to paralyze him, between Mr Blonde’s brutal attacks, Xemne’s heavy magical support and Silence’s attacks, the wizard fell dead, and the team returned home, with Skybolt as a present from Aecora, in thanks for helping her daughter Xamanthe return alive. The surviving people of Varnhold - which had been captured by Vordakai - chose to allow their town to be annexed by Ríos Verdes.

It was then, though, that a struggle started. The sudden expansion of the lands controlled by Ríos Verdes rapidly increased the expenses associated, and at times it seemed like it would all break down at the first strong sneeze. However, luck, a growth strategy that slowly reduced consumption and the determination by the leaders of Ríos Verdes that things would get better allowed the Dukedom to become a Kingdom, continue expanding and bring such wonders as a Cathedral dedicated to Erastil or the Svetlana Academy in Olegburg, built in the name of Oleg’s wife herself. However, this led the Swordlords of Restov, worried with the growing conflict in Brevoy, to cut off links with Ríos Verdes, which they had helped create.

Now, at age 26, Xemne is the Chancellor of Ríos Verdes, and she is married to a Paladin of Erastil named Menas. While they do not have any children yet, they hope to soon. But right now, there is an issue growing to the northwest, one that threatens Ríos Verdes yet again with more danger…

My character for our Kingmaker campaign was Valaria Quicksilver, a female half elf Menhir Savant Druid of Gozreh. She was 18th level by the time the campaign wrapped up. This drawing is Valaria with her Warcat animal companion, “Omen”.