Interesting Medieval youtube channels

EDIT: in first, bit of warning. There are test made in gel heads and human looking models using medieval armour so it might shock some of you.

I will post here some of channels I am currently watching and what have more or less interesting things from medieval time. Be it for living, housing, castles, weapons, armors and stuff like that:

Mostly medieval type things, some RPG, superheroes and so on. Like videos for medieval living (why early houses were usually build in circle model), castles, watchtowers, ideas for different kind of armors and so on.

More of (medieval) weapon tests and they really spend time to trying make items like they used to have in actually before (from viking era and so on)

These 3 are kind of samekind but still quite different:

Mostly medieval / Hema kind of swords / weapons / armors, knifes, firearms and time to time rants for things. Allso some RPG stuff and video games. Allso there are sword reviews and he do some rough cutting/testing with them.

Weapons and armours, archeology, RPG and so on.

Weapons and armour, Hema and he allso sell and buy antique things (mostly weapons and armors)

Feel free to add more if you like to but allso write something from them so we know these links are not just from “spam bots”.

I really like ScholaGladiatora for details on the use of weaponry. He obviously knows his stuff. Lindybeige is amusing in his rants, and often he gets the point across well. Haven’t wathced Skallgrim that much, so no opinion on him. Also like the Shadiversity-series

Found a video about movement in armour. (What armour penalty?)

And a BBC-series about building a mediaeval castle. A 25.year experiment of living archeology.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5