[Intelligent Weapon Stretchgoal] Consider allowing the weapon to change shape at least once please!

Dear Devs, users,

I was very happy to see the stretchgoal regarding the intelligent, sentient weapon being reached, as I really loved the idea in the handful of other games that’ve done something like this in the past.

One thing I however did not like on these past occasions was the fact that more often than not, it was only ever “The talking Sword” and nothing else, i.e. only sword-wielding characters could ever really benefit from this cool item and potential backstory.

That said, I’d like to suggest giving this weapon the power to change its own shape (type) so that every single player could turn it into something actually usable for their build… spellcasters could get an actual magic staff (instead of just a piece of wood, like the useless quarterstaff), Rogues a dagger, and Warriors their ubiquitous talking sword.

This ability could be a one-time thing, it could be tied to a quest that would re-enable another one-time use of said shape/type shift, but the important thing either way is to ensure that all players and all their builds will be able to enjoy it, instead of only a very limited amount of possible classes/builds.

Here’s hoping!


I for one don’t touch swords with a ten-foot pole. Clubs, starknifes, slingstaffs and hooked hammers on the other hand? Yes, please! :heart_eyes:

Less popular weapon categories really deserve more love inside WotR.

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I definitely agree! While I love swords, I can’t imagine doing ALL of my playthroughs with a focus on those good bladed weapons. I have a fondness for archery in these sorts of games as well, hopefully our magic weapon can take the form of a crossbow.

A shame we don’t have gunslinger as a class, though. Could you imagine, a sentient gun?

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I’m betting the weapon changes shape as one of its powers.

I really hope so. Like the others have already said, I’d like to be able to change it based on what class I’m playing.


maybe have the option to allow players to choose what kind of weapon they want it to be? folks that fancy staff? it can be crafted into it. some who want it as stormbreaker then it can be a 2Hander with godly lightning :slight_smile:

Regarding the sentient weapon this is my suggestion. Allow it to be any weapon it can be based on player choice. If I want it to be storm breaker then it will turn to a 2 Handed Axe. If I want to be celestial fury, it will turn into dual-wielding katana.

Also make it possible that players can choose it’s enchantment be it lightning, fire, ice or force.

This way it can have alot of replayablity and flexibility on how you want to build your characters or companions.

Just my humble suggestions

PS. that choice can only be made once in a playthrough and you can’t change it.

I got an idea:

You find some magic ore.
You bring to to a special smith and ask him/her to make a weapon from it, you can chose what type of weapon. The smith asks you to do something (like gather ingredients or cast a specific spell) and then you get the weapon, which starts talking right away.
The weapon gives you a quest to upgrade it. You get a task that can only be finished after certain parts of the game and then you return to the smith and you can upgrade the weapon (there are several weapons to chose from) and over the game you build your own personalized weapon.


I personally like idea to have a choice. After all in worst case you get item which either you or your (active) companions do not use.

But in the other hand I really do like that “intelligent weapon” have some deepness. It is created long time ago, it have background and so on. Like any other companion. So it is kind of impossible request to ask developers to create everything between magic rock you can throw to magic canine tooth you can place in your (or your pet) mouth…

So I personally hope we get some options from where you choose from or like suggested item can “shapeshift” when you find it and you can choose then what shape it will use when it is bound with you. Allso yes, I kind of think that binding is kind of important so you can not just use it, talk with it and make what ever quest it offer. Then happily give it for your next companion and choose different form, talk with it and make another “personal” quest or so on.

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Enserric from Neverwinter Nights (Hordes of the Underdark) did have some shapeshifting abilities - so they could follow a similiar model.

+1 to the OP on this. It is a very good thing that items like this one are extremely rare. But that also means that when you get such an item, it really sucks if you are not able to use it.

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If they don’t want it to be able to change shape, maybe they could add a selection at character creation? So we choose a form then and after it is treated like that is how it has always been.

Though i suppose that interferes even more with voiced lines. Can’t have the weapon refer to itself as a sword, if it is supposed to always have been a…a mace for example.

Hence I’m hoping for the weapon to refer to itself simply in the first person, me, myself, I.
That’d also serve to give it more personality.

Where references to the object itself are required, simply be a bit less specific:

Instead of “and since I’m forever bound to this awful sword”, write “and since I’m forever bound to this awful prison”, et voilá!

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Yup, it’s how PoE2 did it for a talking weapon in that game. You had a small list of options from which you could pick at the first moment you got the weapon, and then the weapon behaved as though that’s the type of weapon it always had been. The choices were subdivided into three categories: small/light weapons, single handed weapons, 2-handed weapons.


Where was that weapon? I thought i covered basically all of POE2.

But Can I turn it into an Ax-Lute like what some of the Uruks in Shadow of War had?
Because that would be perfect for a Skald or a particularly melee Bard.

Sorry, but as far as I know PoE2 had only one intelligent weapon: The sword Modwyr.
Its always a sword. The main issue with the sword is, that it can only be used by the main char until you finish its quest.

I almost like her more than Lilarcor.
She is an intelligent weapon, not an idiot.
But she loves spilling blood (somebodies elses) just as much.

You may be right. It’s been a while. And it may have been in the first game. I just seem to recall a situation in one of the PoE games where the player got to decide what the weapon would be.

Just give it the TT transformative power. I don´t know if it´d be hard to implement though…

It would be nice to choose the class of weapons by yourself. Otherwise, you just have to miss the opportunity to use specific intelligent weapons.