Ingame items Imperial Edition

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I’m a little late to the show and just discovered Pathfinder: Kingmaker and love it. I startet my adventure a few days ago with the Explorer Edition on Steam and bought the Imperial Edition yesterday. Can I still get the ingame items or do I have to start a new game to get them?
Thank you very much in advance!


Hi there and welcome to our community ! :blush:
I think even if you upgraded your game edition to Imperial while being a bit far in the story, the in-game items should still appear at Oleg’s Trading Post, inside a chest, in the same room where your first meet a certain nymph. Can you check it out later whenever you have the time for it ?


I will do that and let you know, thanks so far! :slight_smile:

Everything’s right there in that chest! Thank you again for your help! :slight_smile:

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Good to know and happy to help. :hugs: Have fun in your adventures !