Info on the patch 2.1.0k?

Hello, there was apparently an update, but (in gog) if I click on “patch notes 2.1.0k”, I only have the 2-week old 2.1.0h notes. And I couldn’t find a release note or any indication, where are they published usually?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Found it on Steam

Please be aware of plot spoilers in the description below!

  • It was possible to start a fight with Marquise Immolatia when entering Lostlarn Keep — Upper Reaches. Resolution: fixed.

  • Dallirun Myrnas failed to summon the undead on the Flintrock Grassland. Resolution: fixed.

  • Kassil Aldori was missing on the Flintrock Grassland. Resolution: fixed.

  • You could no longer interact with Astradaemon at Vordakai’s Tomb after talking to him. Resolution: fixed.

  • Now you cannot leave Vordakai’s Tomb until you talked to Maegar Varn.

  • In the Other World area, the teleporting system was greatly improved to prevent characters from being stuck when they use teleportation spells (e.g. Dimension Door).

  • If your main character fell unconscious before your companions when you first met the Technic League, that could lead to gameplay-related issues in the area. Resolution: fixed.

  • Fixed the issues with the characters’ movement in The Stag Lord’s Fort.

  • Fixed the error due to which you could lose control over your party after Tristian’s attack at the Abandoned Keep.

  • Characters with the Kinetic Blade ability were unable to attack enemies in turn-based combat if they needed to come closer to their target. Resolution: fixed.

  • Spells that have a line of effect and cone-shaped spells sometimes failed to hit the targets that were standing behind opened doors. Resolution: fixed.

  • Fixed the duration of Gather Power and other effects in turn-based mode.

  • The abilities that used a swift action each round, spent it even if they were disabled. If a swift action was spent, the prediction panel showed that a free-action ability would be used as a standard action. Resolution: fixed.

  • Fixed the issue when Amiri’s fourth weapon slot was locked after Armag broke her sword.

  • Fixed the issue when R3, L3, and Select buttons sometimes failed to work when playing on Steam with Controller Configuration Support enabled.

  • Fixed the issues when the AI missed the turns, especially at low FPS.

  • An extra action bar was visible in the dialogues. Resolution: fixed.

  • Fixed the issues caused by multiple attempts to start resting using a hotkey.

  • The camera zoom was set either to its minimum or maximum value. Resolution: fixed.

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