In Game Digital Rewards: Where are they?

Only thing in my chest is a ring and a belt and the panda, no hat etc and i paid for the £75+ imp teir. I got no music either, i did get a map and art PDF.

Looks like the problem is fixed with the patch.

I’m still not seeing the soundtrack on my steam version. Any possible replies from the devs?

Found the artbook and map at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Pathfinder Kingmaker\DigitalRewards

Yea, mine has the artbook and map as well, but nothing else.

3 special in-game items — a magical cloak, a helm and a ring available early in the game
Where can I find these items?
I have the following DLC:s:
In-game player portraits
Premium Digital copy

I have looked in all the containers on the second floor as well as the special chest next to the bed at olegs trading post

I’m also missing the extra items, have the belt and ring but I’m in the second act and haven’t seen them.

Would like to know if there’s a fix for make missing pre-order items to appear in that chest as I already restarted the game 4 times (with different characters) and still don’t see them.

I now have the ring and belt only. However the belt doesnt grant me the +2 constitution when equipped! Furthermore, I never received the helm, quirky spell, and pet. What is going on?? Why am i not given the items i paid into - please fix!

I cant even access the chest. Silly little Bard cant pick the lock. WTF?

And yes, i have the digi rewards as part of my pledge, but cannot get to them.

You do not need to pick the chest. You find your backer items (and game bonus items) from OPEN chest in Oleg’s. Next to bed you are supposed to sleep at. There will be allso these pet’s.

Problem is that bonus items, preorder items (pet etc.) don’t appear for everyone in that chest near bed. And even if you restart the game with new characters or reinstall it nothing changes.

Hi there!

Now part of backers do have this in-game items missing issue, really hope devs (or publishers) can solve it!

For me, I backed at the $40 tier, but all i can get from the chest next to the bed are the ring and belt, no tier 2 backer items, no pre-order items.

And I’ve noticed that the Noble Edition steam key I got missed a few DLCs compare to other pre-order version on the market:

Here is the key information for backers:

And then the key on market (or maybe the pre-order version at Steam store?):

As you can see, no Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Pre-order Bonus and Pathfinder: Kingmaker - OST for me. It is pretty weird that a backer can not get the pre-order bonus. Besides that I can’t get my backer items either, this kinda hurt my feelings.

I know maybe we shouldn’t blame devs for that, because this is more like a publish thing, but please aware that part of us backer do have this issue and solve it!

Probably a dumb question but just in case: you did see other chests in the room? There are 3 of them. For me (Noble edition after upgrade) 2 were possible to open (by the bed and by the window). Both contained pre-order /edition items. The one near the tares remained locked (I assumed it’s for other editions).

For me only my ‘Premium Digital Edition’ rewards (Signet & a belt) appeared in the chest next to bed.

The rewards that are missing:
“Kickstarter” Rewards (Cloak, Ring, Helmet, and a quirky spell)
“Preorder” Rewards (Owlcat pet, Mesmerizing Necklace and an Expert’s hat)
“Social Achievements” Rewards (Pet Faerie dragon)

Welcome any help in fixing this, in case I did something wrong…

Thanks for the advice! Just played the 3rd run, still no luck this time :frowning:

At the 1st run, got the cape, the ring and the belt, but didn’t noticed where I got them, and unable to open the locked chest.

At the 2nd run, got the cape, but no ring and belt in the chest next to bed, and somehow opened the locked chest (used a different character this time), but no topic-related item in it.

At the 3rd run, got the cape from a dead bandit, and got the ring and the belt from the chest next to the bed, still no backer and pre-order items.

I believe there is something wrong with the package of the key we got, some contents are not included in it, hope they can fix it.

Still the same here. I have signet, belt and Red Panda.

Ok, I just activated 3rd key for preorder items but after return to Oleg’s place, I don’t see preorder items in the chest.

Do I need to again start a new game to make them to appear in the chest?

Ah! Yes. That’s why I thought I was missing a lot of thing. I’m in the same situation.

However, I just checked keys again and now there is a newly appeared Preorder key.

So now missing Kickstarter rewards and Social award.

Where did your third keys appear? Email?