In Game Digital Rewards: Where are they?


I put in my digital reward code and loaded up the game. I’m pretty sure I was suppose to receive a ring, cloak, pet, some other stuff. So I’m in game now - where are these items? I don’t seem to have them.

Would like to know too…I bought a Beta pack and my Imperial edition don’t have the pre-order bonus and no soundtrack too…on Steam /:


Imperial Rewards are at the first location after the tutorial, in a chest by the bed. No clue on Pre-Order stuff yet.

I’m also curious how I go about getting the Soundtrack download.
I pledged at the Lore Explorer level that should include the “Digital Soundtrack”.

Yeah no music for me either, I also preordered and paid for the imperial version but never had an option to have my name in the credits either.

For music: Next to “Play” icon (from GoG Galaxy) choose: “More” icon and “Backups & Goodies”

I got the Steam version, not the GoG version and can’t see the soundtrack. Any thoughts?

Mine is steam version too.

Ingame digital rewards, if you put your codes properly (first game code, after that bonus code[s]) they are at the chest in Oleg’s at Chapter 1.

Thanks, but still doesn’t help me with downloading the soundtrack. :frowning:

re: soundtrack on Steam

I don’t use Steam, but I recall reading that Steam downloads extras to the game folder?

I don’t see the soundtrack there, while there are other items like the artbook. Strange.

Well I have similar problem I have backer tier 1 extra staff like that fancy hat, owlcat pet. And I was backer. I have received two codes for steam. One actual game. 2nd the backer tier I. I have installed game all works fine but when I activated 2nd code for goddies it says that this version of game can’t be modified. Am I missing something? Also there is not backer tier 1 like DLC on my Pathfinder Kingmaker steam game page in my library. You know where usuall downloads/ and dlcs for games are.

Having same issues with GoG version. I think the “Extras” stuff and “Tier Backer” stuff files are corrupted.

Have Steam version. I’m a Tier 3 backer from Kickstarter. Got some goodies in the trunk by the bed upstairs at Oleg’s. No special hat, got a ring that says it gives +2 CON and something else, but my CON stat doesn’t actually change when I put the ring on, even if I exit the inventory screen then go back in.

Got a red panda which gives +1 to saves, and another wearable item (can’t recall what slot it occupied) that allowed the wearer to cast Bless 3 x day.

I too am missing my digital rewards. After entering the code, I got a pop up saying Steam failed to install (app configuration unavailable).

I have the same problem here, Steam version, unable to find my tier 2 backer items, and no pre-order items.

Is there no pre-order bonus for backer? Or it’s something wrong with my keys?

And both of the backer and pre-order DLC not showing in my DLC list.

My digital rewards are missing, also… kind of.

I input the download code and I found the chest near my bed at Oleg’s Trading Post, but it only contained a magic belt (Explorer’s Belt) and ring (Blessed Signet). I backed at the $40 level, and should also have a helm, a cloak, and a “unique and quirky” spell. I don’t see those anywhere, though.

Devs, please help us out here. Did the details and descriptions of the tiered items simply change during development?

For me, chest had only explorer’s belt and blessed signet, but no pre-order items inside so still missing - Owlcat pet, expert’s hat & mesmerizing necklace.

Yeah, these things should be clearly identified and located.