In game build planner and templates

Hi, in PFKM, you already have the auto-leveling feature. So obviously there’s some sort of template used internally that the auto leveling will follow (unless it’s done heuristically?)

For WOTR, I would like a build planner available in the main menu / options menu, where you can build a character to 20 (including Epic stuff, I guess?), and save it as a template.

You can then load the template ingame and use an “autolevel” style feature to follow the template.

When using the respec feature, you can load a template and instantly use a build without needing to tediously apply each level.

You can also share the template files with others, etc.

Considering how buildmaking is such a big part of these games, I think this would be a great QOL feature.


This would be an amazing addition!

This would be fantastic.
I hope they add this to the game.

So far I had to write down everything on paper and look at it when I level up.

The build maker for NWN2 was great.
If we can have something like this, save the char and select it for auto leveling, just WOW :star_struck:

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I called this Pathfinder: Buildmaker in my suggestions list to Owlcat from about 2 months ago:

This is an outstanding suggestion. I imagine it would work for companions as well so inexperienced players could bypass the leveling process and just download their preferred template. There could also be several default ones installed by … default, so the player could choose from several instead of Kingmakers only 1 with questionable Feat choices.

это очень нужная вещь :+1:

This idea is great. Easy usage, easy sharing, maybe even an good oversight how the template works. I really like the idea.

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It would be awesome if you could apply the builds to companions too. The tricky thing is, they all have different point buys. Also, sometimes you can only qualify for a feat if you throw on a dex belt for instance.

I don’t care what the work around is though. I still want this feature!

I’m reading your document. It’s a bit long, and I’m not very far into it yet, but a lot of those suggestions seem great. :+1: Great work compiling all those mods into one massive overhaul possibility.

This give me a thought about pathfinder calculator. For some aRPG like grimdawn some good modder actually made a dedicated website for the calculator on sharable builds.

It would be neat if pathfinder has something similar. However I would appreciate more if owlcat could improvise the UI. There are still problems where on the class progression screen some spell casters spells wasn’t shown on odd/even levels. Also it may be neat if they show the BAB and full details of the said class like in d20pfsrd site

I made a similar request on the Kickstarter page but I figured this is the place to detail how I would like a system to work ideally.

TL:DR Make a custom character template that can be exported/imported.

First I would like to access the character creation menu outside of the New Game or Leveling Up menu. Ideally this would be a menu on the title screen that would give you the ability to preview all 20 levels.

Second I would like to be able to save at minimum the first level template of any characters created with that menu. This would allow me to at least save details like portraits, race, stat blocks, and class.

Third, if possible, I would like the ability to save custom 20 level character templates. Much like in PF:K where you can choose to use the easy leveling option and have a character follow a predetermined leveling path, I would like to be able to create a template that I could assign to a New Game character or mercenary and then not worry about.

Forth, I would like to be able to export an existing character into a custom template.

Many of these ideas could be combined and I don’t think they would be that much more work to implement. For example, when importing a character for a new game using a custom template, the game could simply assign the custom template to the main character and then set all the options for level 1 but wait for the player to finalize the character. I the player make any essential changes that are incompatible with the custom template the template is removed. Custom templates already exist in some fashion as companions have them.

TL:DR Make a custom character template that can be exported/imported.

They should call it Pathfinder: Buildmaker of the Righteous!