Improve companions design + Improve character customization

I think the companions designs are so ugly compared to the portraits (mainly the male characters), I would like them to be improved, more faithful to the portraits.

Look at the POE2, for example:

About character creation
Character customization is SO limited :slightly_frowning_face:
I wish I had more options to customize my character
Nothing has evolved since the first game…


Model customization is simply not in the beta yet, especially for the new races. A few companions don’t have their final model yet. But it never will look that pretty ^^


I agree this would be nice, but the key word is nice. The reality is that most of us play this game at a high enough level of zoom that we can’t see our characters well anyway. And graphical assets are expensive to build. While I very much agree that the models could use an overhaul, this is a high cost, low reward, especially because there are so many races, which means even more cost for less reward.


+1 : AAA games can (and MUST) have top graphical assets but that’s extremely costly.
PF:WotR doesn’t have the budget for this, also work is done on quests and characters interactions.
And THAT is what we want first in a CRPG :slight_smile:

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Or simply the good old pathfinder mechanics. Tabletop can get away with full theatre of mind

It’s worth mentioning that many companions are getting a significant model update in the new beta phase that starts today. So you may expect a much bigger degree of similarity to their portraits :wink:


Fingers crossed a certain royal demon ooze will also get some sticky new model and gooey portrait to match. Only the best treatment is good enough for the one true queen~

pics or it didn’t happen :owlcat_angry: