Improve AI options?

Hi there,

Why doesn’t my group use all of their spells and combat skills independently, despite the option that they should?

So what does the underlying AI control look like?
There is an ON / OFF switch in the options and it seems that no matter what you set, nothing changes.

But I like it very much if I rarely control a fight more directly than my main hero in a group and he can also get an AI if I need one for him.

I just think it’s good when my companions act as if they are independent and have a soul in battle.
For me, a well-developed companion AI is simply one of them. Even better, you can tailor the AI ​​yourself to how it should act.

Then I have the feeling that I am really on the road with an adventurer group. So you are replacing a little real people who would otherwise control them.

If I cannot set this up and I always control everything by hand, then I often have to pause the fight. And if I pause the fight on an ongoing basis, it takes the dynamics out of the fight and is more of a turn-based game.
Something like that is also ok and I like e.g. also like the game DOS2. But I also like fights that take place in real time like in Pathfinder and here a break should rarely be used in the fight.

So I don’t want to impose this on everyone just because I like it, but I would like to have the choice so that everyone gets what they like.
One manages everything himself and the other sees his main hero as his actual universe and the companions are glass and in a way puppets, but puppets that, according to my attitude, then act independently, because it seems to me that they are actually not puppets ,

I did not find a MOD for this either.
Maybe you can take care of it.

The casting classes in particular benefit from this. Because they have to be taken by the hand without AI.
I currently play Pathfinder almost without a caster except for the kinetician because I have to pay too much attention to these classes.
The whole melee and the kinetic are my favorites + that I like to play the healer myself.
The explanation is simple … they fight so well with at least automatic attacks and don’t have to be touched too much.

I like to have long fights in which my companion’s HP does not tip too quickly, I heal them and act them through an AI. And if it gets out of hand unexpectedly, I intervene and take over my companion.
And the enemies do not die too quickly, so the fights are not an ARPG and the game works according to MMORPG, where enemies are good and are not cones that can be cleared away.

I hope you understand me … google translator :wink:

Best wishes