Impossible to go further in dialogue selection

Platform: PC

Do you have any mods? Yes

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible: Well, i’m currently in the 4th act of the game i’m beggining the Varnholds Vanishing and doing the lost brother quest. Arrived at the Shallow Gulch i can’t go further in dialogue, i simply cannot select dialogue option and i must restart the game to try again or do someting else i must say it happens once before in jubilost quest but i was able to refresh and retry and finally went over the problem.

Could you give some more detail? Are you able to start dialogue and can’t finish it or are you not able to start dialogue at all? Who are you trying to talk to? Also, what mods do you have installed?

Hello the issue has been fixed somehow i continued the game then get back later and it was ok. My issue were that precisely at shallow gulch (which is a book like story idk how to tell) you got skillcheck to pass to go further and i couldn’t select any of them back in the time. My mods are Bag of Tricks, respec, Visual Adjustement, combat round logger, and the loot checklist.