I'm stuck at Armag's grave

So far I have access to two floors. In the lower floor, I passed the trapped corridor: At first it was energy, later it changed to fire bolts. I passed them with energy resistance, no problem with both. In the last smaller corridor around the corner there is a bowl with a hand sign. When I click on it, the text suggests I have triggered some mechanics below (a click), but nothing else happens. When going up again, there are still 2 large doors that I cannot open.

What am I doing wrong? I already get warnings about losing my kingdom when not dealing with Armag in time (including an increasing number of hits to my barony from barbarian gangs). Usually I’m going unspoiled, but this time a feel a hint would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

P.S. the game is splendid! I started from scratch (zero knowledge about the pathfinder ruleset). I have already 6 games running now, 5 in normal difficulty, most are beyond level 10. Lately I even dared to start a new one in challenging(?) (it’s called “fordernd” in German). The one from my request I play together with my wife and which is at level 13, normal difficulty. Meanwhile I’ve already spend 750 hours in total (all games together). The game has some nasty bugs, the more the further I progress. Which I guess is unavoidable with a game of such complexity… I’m totally addicted nonetheless!

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From my playthrough if i remember correctly there was a time limit with moving from point a to point b after clicking on a bowl and if i remember correctly clicking on that bowl should open one of the doors.

Thank you. Believe it or not, just after sending my request I had the same idea! From what I still remember in in the Dwarven Ruins where I tried something similar with the two rotatable symbols (moon/sun), it’s not possible to split my party across different floors. Guess I would have to “run” then. Maybe I should try with haste…

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I got stuck there my first run and also my last (on unfair!) since I’d forgotten how I’d gotten through before. The wall to the NE opens on a delay so if you leave one toon back at the switch the rest can go through the door and then turn off the traps.

This sounds as if both the switch and the 2 doors are on the same floor. This is not the case here and we probably talk about different locations. The 2 doors I mean are on the west side of the upper room, the switch (bowl with a hand symbol) is one floor below in a small corridor in the north. I’m not even sure if both are connected, as the message I get when I touch the bowl mentions a mechanic below. It’s not possible to split your party over different floors. Currently I don’t see a way how to proceed. On the upper floor with the 2 doors is no active switch, while on the floor below there is the temporary active bowl switch but nothing that looks like a door.

Yes I’ve never had any difficulty on the upper floor. There’s probably an alternative skill check there you’ve missed?

If you mean an active skill check (something with a hand symbol), then no. I checked trice. Do you understand what 2 large doors I’m talking about? I guess that’s the way to proceed, otherwise I’m pretty lost here. If nobody can help me here, I’ll watch some of the work through videos on YouTube as a last resort. By the way, how many floors does Armag’s tomb have?

Two, but you can only access part of the first floor before clearing the second so it plays like three.

Hand symbol?

Don’t know what that is. Only thing on first floor is Trial of Strength text puzzle which comes down to various skill checks. There are higher skill checks that give more experience or lower ones that still should get you through.

No, these skill checks are long done. With “hand symbol” I mean the activation of the bowl (switch?) on the second floor (north corridor), behind and left from the fireball gangway.

Yes you should be able to do that with one toon while leaving the rest to the east where a door opens up 3-5 seconds after activating the switch. They’ll reach another switch that will allow the original toon to rejoin the group.

Finally, got it. Thanks a million!
How did you find out?

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