If I buy Alpha Access

I know the slacker portal says that the alpha runs until May 21, but I am wondering what happens after that. I was not able to support this game until now. I would love to play in the Alpha, but I want to know what happens after May 21st? Can I keep playing the Alpha version of the game after May 21st? Or would I get locked out?

I remember reading somewhere that they will stop updating the Alpha after three weeks, so I guess that will be May 21st, but that otherwise you could still play the game in its Alpha version, but you would get no support or updates.

I’m not in the Alpha, it is possible that I am wrong about this, I don’t recall where I read this, maybe in an update? If I come across it again, I will copy / paste it here.

They are behind schedule on the surveys (1 out of 3 so far), so I wouldn’t be surprised if the alpha period goes a lot longer than the original plan, but I don’t know for sure. I believe in one of the recent Q&A posts they said they may allow continued access to the alpha build on Steam after the alpha period has expired, I’m not sure that has been finalized yet (I may have missed something since then). Hopefully somebody from Owlcat can confirm that for you.