Idea for a LN "divine" hell knight (Paladin like)

So since Paladin are only LG, but I play my character LN, I tried to mix classes for a character I like.

The idea about a LN Paladin is a character were 2 principles I had. One is to protect people, while hunting and killing thos who “deserve” it, keeping rules high, but not prefering certain peoples oppinion (good/bad). As a ruler my character would be good and beneficial to people loyal to her, but punish the people (even with death or torture), who betrayed her. I also wanted a character with a divine touch, but still with the idea in mind not to prefer a certain god, but to prefer gods which are strict to laws in general.

So I came to the idea of a level 10 oracle, 10 hell knight. I took skill at arms first to get the heavy armor feat and wield a two hander. Basically this class is a healer/buff support with focus on standing in first line melee. So also took combat casting, to be able to make a quick heal while being surrounded by enemies.

Edit: I also liked the aspect to need Charisma as Oracle, as it was important to me, to play a charismatic leader, which people see in front line and “rescues” with heals, while protecting with buffs.

I would like any feedback to this idea, I hope its not too crazy ^^ . Thanks for comments.

I would suggest he’ll knight signifies instead of he’ll knight. They are he’ll knights with focus on casting. It’s a prestige class with full spell progression that must be lawful. One of the latest updates confirmed that it is in the game.

Sorry, I mean hellknight signifier. It is really hard to edit the text with a mobile phone. Dam those auto corrections.

I thought there is only hell knight without a prestige class. Will they include it in alpha, beta or later developement? Would like to test.

Hellknight and hellknight signifier are prestigue classes. You have to start as another class.

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