I want to back the new game but....

My kingmaker box showed up destroyed and Owlcat games stopped responding to my emails. Do I risk backing a physical reward tier again?

fuck physical games.

Their Community Manager changed sometime around Physical Shipping. I’d recommend going on discord and contacting one of the new CMs directly about this?

Is this only box you recieved damaged or the rewards in it as well?

If you have any problems with your rewards, please write me in Discord!

Hi WoodenDragon - Simply the box seemed to have been crushed during shipping, the contents inside are fine. I simply wanted a replacement box. I sent you a private discord message after joining the discord. Thanks for reaching out.

“We are not able to replace the boxes, if all the containing goods are okay. The boxes are, technically, not the reward. Also, there is a big chance that you get a damaged box again after the international shipping.”

Yikes. Fair warning everyone.

I failing to see the Physical Edition of game as an addon for a digital tier.

I was not able to download the game, due to crappy country internet, and had to wait until the physical box arrived.

Really don’t need all the other physical awards that comes with the physical version of the game, but want all the digital content (excluding KM of course, already have it).