I think my dog companion is too powerful

I have no experience with the Pathfinder ruleset outside of the Pathfinder: Kingmaker videogame. I’m not sure everything is going according to plan with my rangers animal companion.

My main character is a ranger that chose a dog companion. I know that at level 7, the animal companion is supposed to grow in size. But it grew enormously, now it’s almost like a horse. It is fast, it has 31 strength (!!) and many many hitpoints. Not only is my partys carrying capacity around several thousand pounds, the dog has become an almost unstoppable killing machine. It often takes down enemies with a single hit and has no trouble inflicting 40 to 50 regular damage in one strike.

I have a feeling there is something wrong with my dog since it’s so strong. I think it could even win a 1:1 fight with Amiri or Valerie. Is it really supposed to be like that?

Yeah, animal companions in kingmaker are really good. But it’s also an issue of valery and amiri being really poorly built. As they are in the game, amiri has no.durability and valery has very poor accuracy and damage. The animal companion has both good durability and damage. However, it would lose to an optimized melee character.

As a side note, this touches on one of the main balance problems. What is the point of melee characters if animal.companions, or worse, casters specialising in summoning spells which can summon four animal companion like beings at once, can do melee better than actual melees?

The monster tactician inquisitor is probably the worst example of this since he gets an animal companion and improved summoning capacity next to that. And he can also be a fully competent archer hiding behind the meatwall at the same time.


Yes, I already noticed Valerie could’t even hit the broad side of a barn, at least on lower levels. Still, Valerie and Amiri are the only two essential characters I always have with me.

I guess I will now increase the difficulty from ‘normal’ to ‘challenging’ to even things out a bit. Should I ever see an enemy ranger with a dog, I think I will just run away :joy: