I think I'm behind in meeting the Stolen Land deadline

Just finished Elk Temple and only 41 days 20 hours to deadline - what are the chances we will make that? We just made level 3 when we finished the Temple (had to waste a lot of time to go find critters we could beat to hit level 3 and deal with the Bear) so we are heading out from Olegs with 4000 points to go for level 4 (PC - Druid 2 /Fighter1 with auto leveled team Linzi, Octavia, Amiri, Valerie, (Regongar in back for now). Difficulty normal with some adjustments. Just bought the game last week ran most of the way through to this point with a “trial character” to get used to interface started this game 2 days ago as a first run.

If it’s unlikely for me to reach deadline in time I will probably restart with a new character/team before spoiling any more of the game at this point. I had forgotten how difficult these early levels can be and at this point I have lots of other options for class and team I’d like to explore.

TIA - (no spoilers please)

It’s more then enough time to finish with 20-30 days left, but you should be careful on how you rest and how you travel around the map.

  • Buy camping supply and rations and when you are resting, hunt + use rations at the same time to save a LOT of times, specially in the long run. Depending on my groups strength, a try to carry around 12+ rations before leaving Oleg.

  • Try to not waste to much time by travelling around the map with no ‘plan’. You don’t have to worry to much about it but it still something you should keep in mind all game long. Travelling efficiency is important.

The game is the most difficult a low level, around 1-3 and at the very end of the game. For example, making a main character wizard will kinda make the game harder since they are very weak at low level.


I’m honestly not sure it’s even possible to miss the first deadline unless you’re actively trying to.

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It must have been on my first playthrough, but I actually almost missed that deadline, because I kept trying to figure a way into the mist, thinking I had done everything else. Until I figured what I had missed and managed to go see the Stag Lord on the last day, or the day before.

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Yep, it’s really hard to miss deadline. Even in my first time when I was green newby I passed it and 50 days remained. And I explored all entire map. So I never could understand people who wine “time deadline in rpg awful”.

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Thanks for the replies it’s nice to find a game that has an active forum and especially one that doesn’t mind responding to newcomers.

Haven’t had much time to play since I got the answers but did squeeze a hour or so in this morning with this party and while it went well I am a card carrying member of Restarters Unaminous and quite tempted to set this run aside as “practice” and roll in a new PC and team. Thanks again for the warm welcome you will likely be seeing me around most every day as I make my way through the game.