I think I cracked future archetypes - any tabletop adaptation issues?

possible things happening:
cruromancer (dhampir wizard), purifier (aasimar oracle)(maybe Daeran can benefit from this?)

very likely: stonelord (dwarf paladin), spell dancer (elf magus), student of the stone (oread monk)
devs talk about these ones officially

other things that might take the cut and are very likely:
Feral Child (human druid)
Wild Shadow (half elf ranger)
Prankster (gnome bard)

Nine Tailed Heir (kitsune sorcerer)
Kitsune Trickster (kitsune rogue)
Filcher (halfling rogue)
Order of the Paw (halfling cavalier)
Redeemer (half orc paladin) - we do have half orc paladin already, she’s Irabeth
Hateful Rager (half orc barbarian) - we talking about crpg, and based on history of crpgs…
Saboteur (gnome alchemist)
Custom archetype for tiefling - according to some, tabletop adaptation of kinslayer and fiend slayer is problematic?

elf (magus), dwarf (paladin), oread (monk), kitsune (rogue or sorcerer), half orc (barbarian or paladin), human (druid), aasimar (oracle). dhampir (wizard), halfling (cavalier or rogue), gnome (alchemist or bard), half elf (ranger), tiefling (custom)
I think I have sorted this one out

what do you guys think? I have to admit, not very informed about pathfinder tabletop.

I think, since the Kickstarter campaign was for WotR after all, that Racial Archetypes might be WotR themed. Only Dwarves, Half-Orcs, Aasimars and Tieflings have a fitting one and the Spell Dancer doesn fit into this, even though they talked about it a bit, so I hope we get more custom ones that are tied to the Crusade, Worldwound or Good vs Evil.

One other thing of note is that companions wont have one of these Classes so they can only used by Mercenaries or, very unlikely, the main character to full effect.

Several of the listed options are not that appealing over what we have already so custom Racial Archetypes should offer an advantage of sorts compared to these.

Since these Classes lack any viable Race, Id make at least 1 custom one for:

  • Arcanist (Elf would fit perfectly)
  • Bloodrager
  • Hunter (Half-Elf & Human would fit best)
  • Kineticist (Oread would fit best, because Earth Element-based, by the way the next campaign might have another Elemental Race so could use the same Archetype just with different Element)
  • Shaman
  • Skald (Halfling would fit best)
  • Slayer
  • Warpriest (Oread would fit perfectly)