I still haven't received my email

I pledged with RPGCodex, my username there is Konflyto. Hope you can confirm if there was a problem or just a delay.


i have not resived an email confirming my buy of WOTR do i get one or what ?

You can email for support at team@owlcatgames.com

Team owlcats is used for reports of different out of the game issues and they should be able to help you with your confirmation email.


do you have any idea when they will reply ? it’s been a 2 days now with no feedback??

Probably similar as them + maybe a little more since it’s the weekend atm.

It took me 10-11 days to get a reply but I finally received one (I needed a new confirmation link for my kickstarter pledge since it wasn’t transfered to the new backer portal). They are probably a bit overwhelmed with similar issues right now.