I really, REALLY want to enjoy this game, but I can't


I have been patient. I am new to these forums but I bought Kingmaker last year on xbox one and the constant crashes and the need to keep refilling my action bar turned me away.

Now that Wrath of the Righteous is out on PC, I am hoping that this game will get some much needed work. I have just tried playing through this game again. I got through the Season of Bloom but unfortunately the game crashes so much that I just gave up on it because I am getting frustrated playing the game only to get kicked out when I try to save my game or enter a new area.

I shouldn’t have to restart the game to get a stable 15 minutes to explore an area and get to the world map so I can save the game without the game crashing.

Now, a console port has been announced for Wrath of the Righteous. How can I trust that that game will be any good when it’s been over a year since Kingmaker was released and it still is not stable?

I love D&D and Pathfinder and I really want to support these games because I love them and the crpg genre.

So, please fix this game.


One extremely frustrated gamer.

PS: As an aside, would it be possible to allow console gamers to see the spells they’ll get naturally when picking a sorcerer heritage before entering the game?


Sadly, I highly doubt Kingmaker will get anymore fixes. (Not that we really got any actual fixes in the first place) Before WotR was released they said fixes for Kingmaker were put on hold and said it was TBD when and if they’d start again, and if WotR is as bad as Kingmaker was on launch, and if it suffers from the same things that Kingmaker does, the likely-hood of them ever coming back to us is small, imo.

I’m on PS4, but in the same boat as you. Bought it nearly a year ago and I’ve only got 15 hours tops on it, because I couldn’t handle all the bugs and crashes. It would be a super fun game. If it worked.

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