I know it's early yet, but...voice acting?

There were a lot of fun discussions around the voice acting in the game and in the community with regard to Kingmaker and I was curious to know if there would be similar things for WotR!

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voice acting comes with great cost. i believe voice actor especially those popular ones aren’t cheap. i prefer no full VA. that’s going to cost alot of money. it may sounds great but… after 1-2 playthroughs… i often just skip the same conversation as fast as i could and just read the text.

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Allso there is another thing to consider:
Possible DLC’s, added and fixed things in the game during time after release.

What I mean is, usually you hire voice actors so they do not come inside the developer team. So you can not be sure that they will be around every time you might need them.

When you change something in the game, add something, make an DLC or just make a small switch like “these wolfs in that quest are too hard, let’s put some goblins instead”. Now if voice acting go like “help, out in the woods are pack of mean wolfs who stole my kid and attacked our caravan” it sound kind of silly if you encounter goblins instead of wolfs.

Sure, you can hire again same actors and record these lines again, taking studio time and so on. But it will take a LOT longer time and money what is needed is WAY more then just switch one encounter to another.

I hope it is there, but a bit limited.

Well, from where I see it [except the obvious possibility of removing it completely] you have 3 options:

  1. Invest a lot in voice-acting: There are several RPGs that are completely voice-acted and that feature is revered by many - its immersive, fun and interesting. It can be a main feature of a game and rightly so. BUT like you said it has its disadvantages and can limit the developers (future dlcs, money, etc.).

  2. Do SOME voice-acting here and there: That’s more or less what I think you did in PF:KM. You voice acted few parts of the main quest and the companion quests and such (like you brilliantly did when camping) but the vast majority of the game wasn’t voice-acted at all. This choice allows the developers more flexibility but cost a lot in the immersion of the game. I listened and enjoyed every word of what [relatively non-important] npc like Dugath said to me because he was voice acted when I met him even though I skipped through most history lessons from my companions when it was just text.

  3. Use the money you plan to invest in voice-acting in NOT famous actors. For example, As much as I liked to hear Amelia Tyler as Nyrissa because I recognized her from other games like D:OS 2 and its obvious the knows her stuff, I would prefer an anonymous actress that can do more lines in the same budget. I’m just listing her as an example, of course I have no idea how much it takes to hire her and if its indeed more expensive than other options but I hope you get my point, what I mean is that sometimes you add more to the product as a whole when you choose the ‘quantity’ over ‘quality’ approach (ofc not always).

Please pick #3 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Might be possible too get some freebies from backers who have some talent or experience, you never know. Lol.

If i remember correctly CohhCarnage backed on the level of Design a Quest thing - and in that regard i think he mentioned that he also did some VoiceLines for that Quest (he mentioned it because OwlCat was legally forced to pay him a fee for the service) - i hope i don´t mix things up here - don´t remember the day so i´m not going through his VoD´s to find it - but if my memory is correct i think we can assume at least the level of voice acting Kingmaker had

Found this one - which is a little older but CohhCarnage about some voice acting on WotR

Like others have expressed i do hope there will be voice acting but definitely not full one. As much as I enjoyed PoE 2 and the voice acting was good, it was clear it severly limited the writing, especially when they were putting out patches later on.
On top of that, as others have mentioned, if you play games, you will inevitably hear the same voice actors over and over, Nyrissa’s VA did an amazing job and I personally do not know her that well outside of Divnity, but I was very happy to hear that I recognized nobody in the rest of the cast (as far as I remember)

It would be far better and cheaper if some new voice actors were brought on board, like in Kingmaker, they all did a marvelous job, I especially really enjoyed Linzi’s VA performance.
It takes a person out of the story if you hear the voices that you know and given the game size I would very much be against full voice acting just because of the price and time commitment neccessary to record it all.
Id second the idea of less expensive voice actors that can record more lines, give them a chance in the spotlight and get more out of it as well, tho of course I have no real idea of how this actually works, just expressing my opinion.

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