I just want the Abjurer class to work properly

Since the release of PF:KM the Abjurer has not worked. I pressed F11 and sent in the reports many times. Its now June 2021 and it has never been fixed.

The level 6 ability on the Abjurer does not work. The ability is called “Energy Absorption”.

So if you read the abilities description its supposed to work like this.
When you take damage you first apply your resistances and immunities to it and any remaining damage is then supposed to be absorbed by the Energy Absorption.

But it does not work.
If you have resistance and energy absorption on and you take damage your energy absorption will be reduced by the damage WITHOUT first reducing it by the resistance.

Now if you have immunity points by using spells it does a bigger mess from what I have seen.

I have my character 120 points of fire immunity via spell and he had his 60 Energy Absorption points. Then I hit him with a max. fireball for 60 damage. This time the immunity absorbed it all and was now reduced to only 60 points of immunity.

Now the immunity and the Energy Absorption are at the same number of points. My wizard has 60 for both. So I throw another max.fireball at him. This time the Energy Absorption absorbs all the damage. Reducing it to 0 and now my immunity is still at 60. Which is incorrect the immunity should have taken the damage and not the Energy Absorption.

There is no point to play my favorite class as I wanted to use that ability.

The Energy Absorption absorbs all kinds of damage that are hard to get like sonic damage and even negative and positive damage. But if its 60 points are wasted on something that you already can prevent with immunities and resistances… then it gets completely wasted.

So when Energy Absorption is wasted on those fireballs for example that means its reducing my protecting to all the other types of damage.

This ability is really nice when it works. You combine it with resistances and immunities to make a strong defense because the damage should first be reduced by resistance and immunity points before even being applied to it. Meaning any damage it should take should minimal or none at all as long as you keep your resistance and immunities to the damage you are receiving up.

Which means to those hard to resist damage types like sonic, negative energy you will be able to really add a 3rd layer of defense.

That extra layer of defense is really cool because you can withstand much more obviously .