I just tried the turn based combat mod for the first time and I love it — how about you?

As mentioned in the title, I am currently playing the game for the first time with the Turn Based Combat mod, and I’m genuinely surprised by how much I’m loving it!

Finally as a Spellcaster, fights aren’t already over before my casting animation has even had a chance to complete, finally the rather stupid Party AI no longer constantly runs into my carefully placed AoEs, and finally I can properly use crowd control and stuff like traps, which was either a hectic nightmare or outright impossible to properly do with RTw/P.

So I’m really looking forward to the mod-inspired official TBC update coming in August to Kingmaker, as well as, of course, the fully-implemented TBC mode in WotR next year.

I’m actually loving it so much that for now, I will use this mod and later on mode exclusively.

How 'bout y’all:
TBC, RTw/P, or a hybrid of both (which is fully supported by the mod already)?

  • Real Time with Pause exclusively!
  • Turn Based Combat exclusively!
  • Hybrid, 'cause best of both worlds!

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I, for one, hold no interest in that turn-based mod whatsoever. Nor do I plan running with the upcoming official one in August for Kingmaker. My feelings are the same with WotR’s TB mode as well. I backed both kickstarters precisely because they were RTwP after all.

I may test out later the Turn Based combat when it’s going to be implemented in Kingmaker just to see how it goes but I never had any issues with Rtw/P in the first place.
However, I’ve voted for a hybrid of both because I’ve introduced the game to my entourage during quarantine days with the Turn-Based mod created by Hsinyu. For some, it served as some sort of tutorial that they could use to understand their movement actions, spells reach and so on before they decided to disable it while others just wanted to enjoy a slow-paced strategic approach of the game similar to what you described. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Then I guess it’s a damn fine thing that in both games, the official TBC will also be an option that you can toggle on or off as per your preference.

But for me, having now tried both variations extensively, there’s just no going back to RTw/P… or maybe at the very least not while I’m rolling Spellcasters… it’s such an infinitely more rewarding experience when you’re suddenly actually useful all the time, instead of just when your spell finally happens to finish its 6 second animation before ever producing any effect, during which time usually the melee AI would have already destroyed my spell’s intended target.

I’m playing through PK again as well, and I’ve tried TB and you’re right, it helps tremendously especially spellcasters. Due to the sheer amount of small-CR fights, however, I keep the option of RTwP. I don’t need TB for fights against hordes of centipedes and low-level mobs, it takes too long due to the slow gameplay of TB.

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True, it slows down combat extremely, and I understand that against “trash mobs” one wouldn’t like that.
But on the other hand, taking the final fight of the prologue, i.e. back in the great hall to save Jamandi:

With RTw/P, it was over pretty quickly and felt really easy, really… well, rather everyday standard fight.

Using TBC however, the fight felt properly epic due to not only the significantly increased duration of the fight, but also because of each character’s individual actions becoming much more prominent and noticeable… for example, without TBC I was always only focussing on what my own party was doing against the Assassins, but with TBC, I also saw how properly for the first time how Jamandi and the priest are fighting not only against a Frost Giant, but a Hydra too, which was really cool to observe.

They took both of those tremendous foes down fairly easily, while my Level 1 Spellcaster was happy when his Magic Missile did 3 damage, lel… and so it also served to much better communicate the difference in power between my newly-made “Adventurer” and a seasoned Sword Lord, which was a giant boost to Immersion!

So at the very least for, let’s call them “high profile fights”, I’d really suggest all of you should try out the TBC mod, especially since you can toggle it on and off on the fly and so don’t have to commit to anything permanently.

For me almost exclusively RTwP, TB feels too slow on mobs and when buffed a CCed properly most bosses last only 30 second. Only used it againts Spawn, that thing was great fun on TB.

I’m planning to just go RTwP, since that’s how the game is designed. But I’ll reserve the option for TB. Remember Arcanum? When I do play Arcanum, I’m going to predominately play with melee, so I’d probably play mostly in RT, but there are times when TB gives advantage. Thus, use which is better for the task at hand. I’d probably do that with these Pathfinder games.