I just tried the turn based combat mod for the first time and I love it — how about you?

As mentioned in the title, I am currently playing the game for the first time with the Turn Based Combat mod, and I’m genuinely surprised by how much I’m loving it!

Finally as a Spellcaster, fights aren’t already over before my casting animation has even had a chance to complete, finally the rather stupid Party AI no longer constantly runs into my carefully placed AoEs, and finally I can properly use crowd control and stuff like traps, which was either a hectic nightmare or outright impossible to properly do with RTw/P.

So I’m really looking forward to the mod-inspired official TBC update coming in August to Kingmaker, as well as, of course, the fully-implemented TBC mode in WotR next year.

I’m actually loving it so much that for now, I will use this mod and later on mode exclusively.

How 'bout y’all:
TBC, RTw/P, or a hybrid of both (which is fully supported by the mod already)?

  • Real Time with Pause exclusively!
  • Turn Based Combat exclusively!
  • Hybrid, 'cause best of both worlds!

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I, for one, hold no interest in that turn-based mod whatsoever. Nor do I plan running with the upcoming official one in August for Kingmaker. My feelings are the same with WotR’s TB mode as well. I backed both kickstarters precisely because they were RTwP after all.

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Then I guess it’s a damn fine thing that in both games, the official TBC will also be an option that you can toggle on or off as per your preference.

But for me, having now tried both variations extensively, there’s just no going back to RTw/P… or maybe at the very least not while I’m rolling Spellcasters… it’s such an infinitely more rewarding experience when you’re suddenly actually useful all the time, instead of just when your spell finally happens to finish its 6 second animation before ever producing any effect, during which time usually the melee AI would have already destroyed my spell’s intended target.

I’m playing through PK again as well, and I’ve tried TB and you’re right, it helps tremendously especially spellcasters. Due to the sheer amount of small-CR fights, however, I keep the option of RTwP. I don’t need TB for fights against hordes of centipedes and low-level mobs, it takes too long due to the slow gameplay of TB.

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True, it slows down combat extremely, and I understand that against “trash mobs” one wouldn’t like that.
But on the other hand, taking the final fight of the prologue, i.e. back in the great hall to save Jamandi:

With RTw/P, it was over pretty quickly and felt really easy, really… well, rather everyday standard fight.

Using TBC however, the fight felt properly epic due to not only the significantly increased duration of the fight, but also because of each character’s individual actions becoming much more prominent and noticeable… for example, without TBC I was always only focussing on what my own party was doing against the Assassins, but with TBC, I also saw how properly for the first time how Jamandi and the priest are fighting not only against a Frost Giant, but a Hydra too, which was really cool to observe.

They took both of those tremendous foes down fairly easily, while my Level 1 Spellcaster was happy when his Magic Missile did 3 damage, lel… and so it also served to much better communicate the difference in power between my newly-made “Adventurer” and a seasoned Sword Lord, which was a giant boost to Immersion!

So at the very least for, let’s call them “high profile fights”, I’d really suggest all of you should try out the TBC mod, especially since you can toggle it on and off on the fly and so don’t have to commit to anything permanently.

For me almost exclusively RTwP, TB feels too slow on mobs and when buffed a CCed properly most bosses last only 30 second. Only used it againts Spawn, that thing was great fun on TB.

I’m planning to just go RTwP, since that’s how the game is designed. But I’ll reserve the option for TB. Remember Arcanum? When I do play Arcanum, I’m going to predominately play with melee, so I’d probably play mostly in RT, but there are times when TB gives advantage. Thus, use which is better for the task at hand. I’d probably do that with these Pathfinder games.

I’m with you 100 percent :slight_smile: The Turn Based mod from Hsinyu is the only reason I picked up Kingmaker! It’s so amazing and well done. I definitely still use the RTwP for the trash and easy fights, and I definitely prefer to have both modes available.

The one thing missing from the game is scripts. With The old Baldur’s Gate games you could give your party members orders, and it really helped by making the combat somewhat less chaotic. With Pathfinder, RTwP is just a mess for the most part. I guess if you gimp the difficultly RTwP is fine, but if you want to play on harder difficulty settings Turn-Based feels so Epic!

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RTWP is a shambling zombie that begging to be executed and luckily it seems to have finally died with Obsidian and other devs only making action and TB games in the future.

Though I fear taht Pathfinder will be too easy in TB since the whole game is focused on throwing thash mobs in your face.

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Actually, in Kingmaker at least, TB makes even the trash encounters last much longer and feel exponentially more epic/meaningful than with RTwP.

Even a fight against some bandits takes on a whole new dynamic in TB, when each character acts individually and the player can see it all unfold one by one, instead of having one giant mosh pit that’s over in seconds with RTwP.

So I’d actually say that TB makes Kingmaker more challenging, not less… or at the very least, it gives players many more options than just “mosh pit”.

As I’ve argued many times at many such discussions:
Hectic isn’t the same as tactical, and sensory overload isn’t the same as complexity.


How is turn based different from RTP? I’m thinking about starting another playthrough and might try turnbased. My main concern is that combat might take too long and cause me to quit half way through. But I find RTP lacking quite a bit strategy and, because it’s so fast, I often choose parties with lots of auto-attack builds because they have far less micromanagement.

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With the mod (and I hope with the official implementation as well) you can switch on the fly to compare both modes, or to use whichever you prefer depending on the situation.

As for the key differences, see my post directly above yours: RTwP often is a mosh pit with a dozen things happening all at once and much too quickly to really enjoy, unless you were to constantly pause/unpause every second, which in itself would be anything but enjoyable, at least to me.

With TBC however, those fights turn from chaos to highly strategical order, with each involved character (even NPCs belonging to this encounter that are as of yet invisible to you) having their own distinct rounds in which to act, so that instead of everything happening all at once, you get to plan each and every single one of your own party’s moves and see the results individually and in great detail, just as with the enemy you get to actually see each individual action and react to their movement much, much better than possible with RTwP.

The single-most noticeable advantage for TBC is with spellcasters:
Whereas with RTwP, you’d find it almost impossible to use mighty AoE spells without hitting your party (which is also due to the horribad and non-customizable Party AI), with TBC you have full control over the battlefield on your turns.

Want to cast a mighty AoE like Cone of Cold, Circle of Death, etc?
Use your melee characters’ turns to position them away from the intended blast zone, then use your caster’s round to go all-out.

And even without preparing it thus, most of the time even “spontaneously” deciding to bring out the big guns works that much better for casters in TBC mode, because while your spell hits its intended area, there’s exactly 0% chance of some AI-controlled party member deciding that NOW would be the perfect time to run straight into your well-placed AoE.

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There is a option to speed thing up (x3?), in the game option or by simply just pressing the space bar at the right time. It make combat relatively short.

I’m a big fan of RTwP, but now, i think turn-base mode is my favorite way of playing the game.

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I love it, it makes easier to play/control spellcasters.

The issue is that the 2.0 is incompatible with most mods, so …

Some of them, hopefully at least the most populat ones, will be updated in the weeks following the official release… It always happens after any update.

Hope so … but in other games (e.g. bannerlord mods usually are updated in betas … so i wouldn´t keep all hopes)

I prefer turn-based combat for this type of adventuring party RPG.

Real time with a pause option has always been awkward. It’s more fun and less stressful to manage the party in actual turn-based combat, it makes combat more visually coherent, and it allows spell and combat animations to be more impactful.

I would be fine with that becoming the norm. I don’t mind the more traditional style, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of games designed that way, including Kingmaker. But turn-based is a clear improvement, imho.

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I think turn-based is much better for that kind of game (compared to more action games like Dragon Age, for instance), BUT there should be less random and filler encounters (not zero of them either, just much less). They take a long time in TB and do not bring much to the game in my opinion.

Well, if the game isn’t designed for turn-based combat, then there will be some downsides, definitely. A slower pace. It’s not so simple as converting one to the other.

From the point of view of playing through the story on easier difficulties, the traditional style has its advantages. The party can handle easier enemies quickly. As far as the combat itself being engaging, I think turn-based tends to be better. It puts more emphasis on each individual action.

Having said that, I can enjoy both.

I backed these games precisely because they are RTwP, and especially in the present time where most other similar games are TB trash. RTwP is immensely superior to TB in every way. In addition to being ridiculously and aggravatingly slow and tedious, TB is also unrealistic and immersion-breaking. RTwP is to TB what the microchip is to the abacus.

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