I Hope This Game Is Better Then

Naruto to boruto shinobi striker i have never been so angry about a game in my life this vid is my anger for this game


Asura’s Wrath is basically FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU: the game.

To naruto to boruto shinobi striker yep i have never been so angry about a game in my life no way in hell will i pre order from them again it was the one game i was hoping for to kill same time i give up on it about three day after it was released

Yeah, agree with OP. I went in, so bright eyed, thinking ‘Alright! I can make a Mist ninja! Attack from the shadows, be sneaky, bop folks on the head with a giant sword…’

…My end result character does NOT turn out like that. =.= I wanted a Zabuto type and instead I’m using…Hidden sand spells and Choji’s giant fist. I started playing the last ninja storm, which is cinematic as all heck, and then I start this game where it’s ‘…Well, just…go…Do…Something.’ No real story. Matchmaking is terrible. And only Mist skills are from Kisame, and they are all ‘Hey, do you like Shark style spells?’ ‘Not really-’ ‘TOO BAD!’

When I saw the thread title I thought you might have been talking about Sword Coast Legends. That was a truly disappointing game and in the similar vein as a RPG.

Having played all the Naruto Storm games though when I first learned Boruto Shinobi Striker was an arena based multiplayer game I too was disappointed. I’ve stayed well away from SS because of that.