I have to vent kind of

I dont really can blame the game or the writers as, progrem is just a program, but “my” ending…
Ending that I have achived with my actions in the game left me unsatisfied.

TLDR as I do not even remember everything, ends more or less like this.
**1)**My commander of the 5th crusade is a mortal, who happens to be immortal demigod dragon, (she can speak with strongest of dieties and impose her own judgement on Pharasmas subjects).
Nocticula has no control over her and fears her, Baphometh shits his pants on the sound of her name and Deskari murders at least 500 slaves when her name is spoken.
Her dragon allies/servants (not specified) help her guard the worldwound and smite any demon who dares to peek out of the abyssal hole. (after warning shots apprently)
**2)**Drezen reminds the strongest and most important city in the worldwound but it lost its presitge and its now just a one of many bastions/garrisons.
**3)**Darean loves commander of 5th crusade and “shes the sea on wich hes but a ship who has to sail”(dunno how hard i butchered this one) but he does his own thing while shes bound to guarding the worldwound.
**4)**Queen thinks Darean should become her heir (no conclusion, nothing more. Just that she wants him to become her heir.)
**5)**Wound on the chest of the commander healed but it shouldnt?(I didnt killed Areelu nor ascended).
**6)Commander kind of forgot who she is, (as I kept the mask of Areshkagal). Nobody who could or can help with it, gives a uc about it.
7) Nenio went into a trip around the world and put a short note about Commander into her Encyclopedia (thanks, a
8) Arushelae is reformed and does I dunno, skipped
9) From time to time demons who managed to get out of worldwound want to change their ways and live peacefully between mortals
Kinda sad for commander, kinda good for the Golarion, kinda bad for Golarion and kinda wierd ending

It has everything but nothing…
Sorry for meh english

This could use a bit more explanation. I’m assuming you chose the ending where you make the World Wound your lair. Given that you control the traffic of demons through the area, and demons who do come through tend to change their ways (?), I assumed that this meant that you mastered the World Wound to a degree that it wasn’t a threat to you.

This one made little sense to me when I first got it, because my PC never put it on. It would make sense if he had, but it would help if it was explained that its mere presence would influence the Commander’s mind.

This fits Nenio, however. She comes back and spends her time with the Commander working on her encyclopedia. She’s focused to the point of tunnel vision, so it’s not as if she’s going to do anything else.

She runs off and becomes a hermit, secretly guarding mortals and meeting her friends from time to time, IIRC. A pretty low-key ending, but it makes sense for the character.

Yeah, this one is kind of weird. It goes along with the redemption-theme of the Gold Dragon story (such that it is). I suppose it can be chalked up to the semi-divine intervention of the Commander-controlled World Wound changing the demons on a fundamental level, as it can make you a demi-god, but a bit more detail would have been nice.

Wierdness might’ve cometh from redemtion arc, like You suggested.
I’ve played 4acts as a mostly neutral (some good choices, some evil, depended how it could benefit Golarion and main quest of the PC to stop invasion and seal worldwound)
Then at the start of act5, I saw how useless it is to try and be “neutral judge” as a demon lord. Game forced me to become some kind of rageaholic crazyone who just wants to become a Balor2.5.
Before Act 5 and especially in acts 2-3 demon dialogues allowed to get what You need or want in more agressive way but all were used as forced persuasion dialog or in some cases as “I have enougn, this is going to nowhere, I might as well just paint the walls with You innards” types of scenes.
You could be agressive, but still with shine of light inside the soul as it was leading towards ultimate goal to save Your home plane. Act 5 just changes that into “grrrr, sword goes brrr on anyone who is not my bi*tch!”. Wich absolutly destroyed immersion and who my PC was, roleplay wise.

So I’ve chosen Golden Dragon from the lack of options and greed for “secret” ending that was still in the grasp of my hand (I thought at that time).

I haven’t played the Demon line, but from what I’ve read, I think the main issue is they don’t showcase the characters’ corruption - there should be will saving throws made to choose non-evil paths IMHO. Demons are the embodiment of Psychotic Evil, after all, and while they are some who are more functional with it than most, their entire existence revolves around cycles of violence, abuse, fear, and treachery.

I think the issue is more the lack of development of the Dragon content. I’ve heard that Legend has more developed for it. It could definitely go use some polishing, expansion, and fleshing out. For example, If Halifax ONLY showed up for characters on Demon or Lich path, offering an avenue of redemption and providing these characters opportunities for good deeds to reinforce the light in their souls over the course of Act III, it’d be much more impactful when the choice was offered in Act V.